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Review on Samsung 27-inch LS27R750UENXZA 144Hz Monitor by Mike Conner

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Everything is fine, but the update from Samsung is very necessary

Bought a 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor and paid around $300. I use it for home office work with a 2017 Macbook Pro, maybe for gaming in the future. The compact design is cool, the picture is okay, but a lot of things are disappointing. Money it's ok if you need a decent monitor really soon otherwise I'd try to wait and hope they make a new version The stand doesn't take up space on the table The power supply is small and the pins can be rotated 90 degrees for easier installation on the power strip Brightness is adequate, settings are easy to adjust Resolution and refresh rate are great if you use 1080p 60Hz monitors Cons: Can't tell if it's mine $20 HDMI to USB-C cable or monitor but the screen flickers when I first connect it to my Macbook or wake up the computer for many seconds (usually e 5-20) before the image becomes visible. Problem with every other monitor before and I'm used to the screen turning on within a second or two of being plugged into the computer. Online product images do not show the 0.25 inch (7mm) black bezel surrounding the screen. I knew it would be there because I had read other reviews and the monitor still looks ok with it, but misleading marketing is unforgivable and I would like to file a class action lawsuit for false advertising. Someone please pick it up. If you don't use the cables that come with it, there's a good chance yours won't stay in the hidden cable channel and be visible from time to time. You can fix this with duct tape. The lack of native USB-C support feels so painful every time I plug in my laptop. This would go very well with the philosophy of the product and make it a great monitor for any Macbook user. I'm also shocked that modern monitors don't have ambient light sensors and auto dimming. Even if it increased the cost a bit, the added value would be great. I think they could make the stand with adjustable arm length so you have more positions for the monitor when adjusting. It's fine as it is, but if you move it all the way forward or backward, it may end up being too high or too low. The design of this monitor also makes it very thick because it's meant to sit flush with the wall. I think it's ok, but I think it would also look nice if it were thinner at the top rather than rectangular and not quite flush with the wall. Or at least use the empty space in the square design to house the power supply so you don't have an external one. This is just my opinion. No matter how much I adjust the color settings, I can't match the Macbook's native screen colors when viewed side-by-side. Most noticeable in Nightshift mode when blue light is reduced. White colors look more pink and blue text looks dark purple compared to Macbook screen. Not critical, but indicates poor color accuracy. Finally, there's a small blue light on the front to indicate if the monitor has power, which I found too bright for my bedroom at night. I had to glue it on.

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