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Review on Protect Your Furniture With High-Stretch Chair Covers In Durable Spandex Fabric - Non-Skid And Machine Washable! by Clare Thoms

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PROS/CONS and WHY four, NOT five STARS

EDIT! - I got these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075JB16XB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and they make a lot of difference in how well my slip cover fits! Well, and they were really inexpensive. As I am using these JUST to smooth out wrinkles on sides and back of slip cover, there really isn't the PULLING or TENSION there would be from someone getting up and down. The FRONT part of the slip cover actually looked quite good. AND THE VELCRO on the slip cover meant for around the legs, works MUCH better used intertwined around these straps! The velcro was really doing nothing til I pulled them and looped through these fasteners at the bottom of the chair.SO.if you need something to take up the slack on the sides or back, these hook from underneath and have made a big difference!______________________________________I got this because I bought an old, but in relatively good shape, wing back chair from my neighbors who were moving (for FIVE BUCKS, couldn't pass that up).I think they had had it stored in a shed. But cleaned it up and it has good "bones" and figured I would just slip cover it.My décor is mostly gray, black and with white walls so I chose the gray (which I think of as a medium gray, it's definitely not charcoal and not a really LIGHT gray).PROS:COST: This was a biggie. I only spent five on the chair and I didn't want to spend a fortune to cover it and got this when it was 29.99 and the reviews were mostly good, so I am very happy with the price.EASE OF PUTTING IT ON: MUCH easier than I anticipated, yes, you have to adjust, tuck in here or there, but it's like a fitted sheet only fitted for a wing chair. There are seams here and there and I could quickly see where the "wing" tips of the back go, where the seams were for the arms, etc.FIT: OK, I will likely be getting mattress straps for under the chair because the elastic for the legs to hold down won't stretch it enough and the back and sides look a bit like wrinkled elephant skin (I chose the gray :-).Because I have an older wing back, the arms are shorter than most of the newer ones, but even if they were bigger, there are areas that I can't see being absolutely perfect on most wing backs unless you pin it in place. There are SEAMS for arms, back, cushion.BUT I don't really care if it's obvious the chair is slip covered, many people do that and it never looks EXACTLY like it was SEWN to the piece of furniture. It looks almost perfect from the front, it's more the back and sides and I will get those mattress straps to use UNDER the chair to pull the fabric a bit tighter and I think that will help. The elastic leg straps aren't doing much.FEEL: VERY soft. The original fabric underneath is a pretty velour type fabric, like a microfiber, but kind of stuff and itchy. THIS IS VERY SOFT and I'm particular.DURABILITY: Can't speak to that yet. I haven't washed it and I just put it on today. Because of the seams and the relative thinness, I would be careful how much you REALLY tug at the seams.STAY PUT?: EDIT: I DO have to adjust it. It doesn't pull completely out, but after a guest sat in it for about an hour, one of the foam tubes just came to the surface and there it was, on the chair. I don't use it a lot, don't have kids and my dog jumps on my bed, not chairs, so it's more for company and if I'm reading in the sitting room. EVEN that little use, well, those tubes are pretty useless, but it does stay pretty well and I just tuck in a bit after getting up. I am trying to figure out something HEAVIER that won't tear at the fairly delicate fabric and help keep it more in place, but not a biggie for my minimal use.For now, at least it matches the rest of my sitting room furniture, it's soft to sit on and all total with buying this well-made wing chair, fabric cleaner to get the dust and grime off, and cover, I spent a little over $40 instead of likely $400 for a new wing chair!

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  • Machine Wash
  • Can cause static electricity buildup