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Review on Continental ContiCrossContact LX2 225/65 R17 102H summer by Stanislaw Golkowski ᠌

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The best thing Ive ever used, a great item for everyone!

Installed in size 225/65/17 on the Suzuki Grand Vitara instead of the standard bridges. Initially Wishlist was to take something softer. According to reviews, "the Japanese are not the same anymore", so I considered European brands. As a result, I settled on 2 models: this continental and Michelin Latitude Cross. My mileage is 90% asphalt and 10% gravel/sand. The Michelin tread seemed too off-road to me, so I chose Kontik. Although on this rubber he sat down both in the sand and in the mud rut and was able to get out himself. Although this is a Grand Vitara, but on pure road tires, I would not have had any options. I like rubber. I consider it a good choice for SUVs, which spend 90% on asphalt. Although for some reason this rubber is not popular with motorists, I see cars much more often shod in Michelin Latitude Cross. supplement dated 14.09202222 the review was written in April 2022, i.е. 2.5 years ago Now, after 4 years of rubber operation, I can say that: - I found its weak point - this is the sidewall (every summer I drive 500-800 km on gravel, and this gravel does not spare the sidewall, traces of wear are very visible) - but with my mostly urban use, I really like the rubber, very soft, excellent braking and good taxiing My opinion: I would take the same again supplement dated 06/14/2022 It began to get the beating of the steering wheel. At the tire fitting, a hernia was found on the running part of the right front wheel, on the other three wheels there was also beating rubber, but to a lesser extent. The verdict of the installers - tires for replacement. Still, fast driving on a broken grader over the years has made itself felt. There were also micro-cracks on the running part. Rubber 2022 year, purchased in 2022, rubber mileage during this time is 41 thousand km., The tread residue is still decent. I think the next rubber to take something stronger, for example the new Dunlop AT5

  • 1. Soft 2. Not noisy 3. Excellent braking on both dry and wet pavement 3. I hope for a sufficient resource (thousand 100 km). Although the tires passed only 20 thousand km. (since August 2022), significant signs of wear are not yet visible.
  • Feature of the protector - a lot of small stones get stuck in it