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Review on Business 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack, Anti Theft School Bookbag Grey by Cardell Haynes

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not bad for the price, but probably not what I'm looking for

I don't like that there's not really any padding on the bottom of the laptop pocket. The pocket is raised slightly, but there's no cushioning underneath it beyond some fabric and stitching, which helps a little, but it's still very thin, and I wouldn't be comfortable dropping the backpack on the ground. The strap to hold your laptop is also not great. Specifically it can't get tight enough for my device. I wish instead of a square piece of Velcro near the top, it had a strip of Velcro running down the length of the pocket, so I could tighten it as much as I want.I also don't like how loose all of the pockets are. I wish there were more zippers, elastic, and straps, to secure the items inside better, because I feel like even laying the backpack sideways would be enough for all of my stuff to slide out of their pockets.The back of the backpack is also not as sturdy as I would like it, feeling like it wants to fold in half on my back. Part of this might just be because the backpack arrived folded in half, and maybe this will lessen over time, but I also notice that where it's flexible is right where the backpack pocket ends. On my old backpack, the laptop pocket continued up the length of the back, and it felt much more sturdy as a result.I will say however, I love the side pockets. I've heard conflicting things about whether it could hold a 30oz water bottle, and I can say that in my surprise, it was able to hold my 30 oz Yeti Tumbler. I wasn't expecting this, because the bottle is thin on the bottom and thick on top, so even if was able to wrap around the bottom, unless it could also wrap around the top, the bottle would slider right out. My bottle was able to fit almost entirely in the pocket, and felt secure enough to stay there.I also like that the USB extension cable is just that. It's completely removable, which is nice, because you could put anything in there if you want, for instance, a USB C extension cable. It is molded to that specific USB extension cable, but you could wrap something in tape or something to keep it in place. That said, it is annoying that the cable doesn't have anywhere to go. The end of it has a pocket with a zipper, but the rest that you'd plug into your battery bank will just be hanging down when not in use.

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  • EARPHONE & USB PORT DESIGN: This backpack is equipped with a USB charger outside that you can connect your power supply too. Use the built-in cable, external use cable, to connect your phone to so you can walk or travel while your phone is charging (we don't provide power supply). Finally, the headphone interface frees your hands when enjoying music or etc.
  • The backpack may not fit all laptops snugly