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Review on OnePlus 9RT 12/256GB CN Smartphone Sky Blue by Ghazali Dikir

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am one hundred percent satisfied with the purchase, I recommend this product to everyone.

Of course, I'm happy with the phone. Everything I needed from him, I got. You can try to somehow solve problems yourself, so of course only 5 stars for this device

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  • 1. Incredible speed. Everything opens and loads instantly (I have an OxygenOS device) 2. The cameras are just awesome (except macro). What video, what photo the phone does excellently. The only thing is that the phone writes the sound when shooting a video in a peculiar way (not bad, but peculiar, a very clear voice and almost no ambient noise is heard, which does not sound very natural) 3. In black, the phone looks very brutal. 4. The screen is very cool. The PWM is small, the brightness is awesome, much higher than that of more budget amoles (for example, xiaomi mi 11 lite (5g, not 5g, the same)), nice color reproduction. The only thing is that it shimmers a little with iridescent hues at high angles, but if you look at him like a normal person, then everything is fine. It's a pity, of course, that the hertz is non-dynamic, from which autonomy suffers. 5. High performance. 888 snap here is extremely well implemented in terms of heat distribution, so it’s more than comfortable to play - the maximum speed in all games at 60 fps pulls on easy, sometimes even 120. 6. Premium build materials. 7. Mega fast charging at 65 watts. 25 minutes is enough to fully charge your phone. 8. Reasonably fast fingerprint scanner under the screen. 9. Lever for switching sound modes. Cool little thing. 10. Flagship vibration. At the level of the iPhone. These are pleasant tapping, and not the usual rattle.
  • 1. Battery temperature. The phone keeps it at 35-38 degrees, when the norm is 33. When charging, the phone heats up up to 39 degrees. And it's hard to cool down. Worrying. BUT! In no case should this be tied to the temperature of the case. You will have a maximum of BARELY warm. He tries to practically not transmit the temperature of the battery, thanks to which it is simply impossible to get burned on the phone, it will even be extremely difficult to feel the heating. 2. Autonomy. Against the backdrop of everything that this phone has, this is the most disappointing item. Due to the lack of dynamic hertz, the phone drops very quickly at 120 Hz, which does not change at least by 60 with a static picture. And that's it. For this money, there are no more cons.

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May 29, 2023
Very happy with my purchase

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