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Review on OnePlus 9RT 12/256GB CN Smartphone Sky Blue by Quay Phim Quang Cng ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

There are no ideal phones, you have to sacrifice something and choose what is most important to you, or pay a lot. This phone is one of the most balanced and will suit many.

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  • Liked everything except the battery. 1. The screen is super, 120 Hz, everything is smooth and beautiful, the brightness is bright, I didn’t fix eye fatigue (on the last phone with an AMOLED screen, my eyes got tired even with DC-diming turned on) 2. Performance is on top, it's clear, a very powerful processor. 3. The camera is fire, if during the day modern smartphones do everything well, then few take good pictures in the evening and at night, and this phone does it perfectly, at least much cooler than everything I had before it (and I had the flagship Mi 9 ). The video shoots perfectly, it was important for me that the stabilization worked at 60fps, the videos are stable, smooth, no questions, the ultra-wide is not bad. The zoom is digital, but not bad either. 4. The design is chic. 5. The sound is also excellent, stereo. 6. Charging is full 30 minutes, but who charges from 0 to 100? Most often, I put it in 10-20 minutes and the phone is charged. I liked the cool feature of optimized night charging, when it stretches the charge all night without heating the battery
  • Cons (rather minor quibbles) 1. Battery? Not impressed, but not disappointed either. On the other hand, it’s enough for a day, if you don’t play and last longer (turn on 60Hz and it will work much longer), what else is needed, especially very fast charging. Bigger battery, bigger and heavier phone. In general, the battery is not a minus, it just may be important to someone. 2. No DC diming? But there are no problems either. It was just important for me and this was the only thing that kept me from buying, the pluses outweighed, I bought it, I didn’t find any problems. 3. But instead of a macro lens, it would be possible to have a telephoto lens, but the phone itself would become more expensive.