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Review on Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 215/65 R16 98H all season by Adam Gontarz ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

So, I changed my shoes from Boris Fedorovich to Yoka. First impressions, she rolls. Those. the same bumps that BF goes through with a blow and that's it, after them she swings a little more. BUT, this is more a trifle than a drawback. There is no aquaplaning from the word AT ALL! Hooray, I'm not afraid of puddles. BUT, be careful - you will have to go around deep puddles or slow down, because on the UAZ Hunter a wave is thrown onto the hood. This is a feature of our machines. The weather today in St. Petersburg is terrible - slush and ice at the same time . Well, I got to check it out: 1-track keeps. It pulls it out of the rut, but smoothly and easily returns back to the rut (BF just threw it out, and abruptly and without options). 2-dense snow breaks and rushing like a tank. 3-wet asphalt keeps clearly. Small puddles do not notice at all. 4-clay-while there is not enough of it and it is difficult to say exactly 5-ice. Holds, yes, neatly, yes, up to a speed of 45 km / h, but this is not a spike. Slows down on ice without drift, staying on course (BF immediately yuzil). One side on the ice, the other on the pavement in a rut and we urgently need to get out of the rut (oncoming lane) - worked for 4 - got out and almost without problems (BF-50% / 50% - can get out, can throw and spin). 6-thawed ice with wild potholes (depth up to 15 cm, and approximately 300x500, alternate) holds confidently - it crawls out of the potholes and does not shake it. The general impression, at the moment, is decent tires ! We will continue to test, later unsubscribe more. Thank you all for your attention. There will be questions, write: ivanov-finn@ya. Ru

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I included some photos to give a more complete picture of the experience.


  • Rubber in dimension R16 235/70. On stamped regular disks UAZ Hunter, disk width 6.5. Prior to that BFGoodrich in the same dimension. Asphalt keeps clearly. Clearly in corners. There is no hydroplaning. The soil is holding. Rows through the snow. Does not slip on ice (up to 45 km/h). Decent and honest AT tire. Now is the time to check it out. Yes, I almost forgot, the store is "the best tires" (- not advertising and changed the name). Tires made in Thailand in 2022. The tread pattern is dense, relatively deep. The rubber is tight to the touch, softer than BF, but harder than Nokia (compared in a tavern).
  • Deep puddles keep the course, but all the water on the hood (even flooded into the cabin) - the fool himself decided to test. Roll-bumps passes with a slight swaying after bumps.