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Review on Skatestar Sherif by Samantha Beatrice

Revainrating 2 out of 5

My review on Skatestar Sherif

This store, in my view, is not one that I would suggest to others. It has a number of flaws that may or may not attract potential clients in the first place. Skatestar Sherif is an Australian online sports goods retailer where you can have your shopping delivered or picked up from their warehouse. As I previously stated, I did not enjoy this store and would not suggest it to anyone. We currently have no information on the creator of this store, nor do we know its net income, therefore we can't say if it is a high-income business or not. In addition to all these, the only good part here seems to be that you can make payments with PayPal, Credit Cards or even bank transfer. Apart from that, there's no part of this store that attracted me at all

  • You can make payments easily with credit cards, PayPal and Bank transfer
  • The platform has no known founder or date of launch
  • It is not a desirable place to shop