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Review on Viatti Bosco AT V-237 215/65 R16 98H summer by Michal Dobiasz ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Feel free to buy, for such a price, the quality is simply amazing.

Acquired for a frame SUV. Since I have 99% of the total mileage - asphalt, so the choice fell on these tires + it seemed a good price in the current situation. The tires were brought quite fresh, the marking was "4722". They overboarded and balanced: there were from 10 to 40 grams of cargo on each wheel, which I consider a good indicator. By the way, before that, I drove the Matador MP 82 Conquerra 2 for 7 seasons, so there is something to compare with. Only comparisons will be scarce: I didn’t notice the noise either on the Matador or on the Viatti - normal acoustic comfort, whatever it is, whatever it is, regardless of the speed of movement. Management in the rain and on dry pavement is also on the level. Only the difference in price is exactly twice, so it is not possible to purchase something more "branded" (I never thought that I would have to ride Kama). In short, having skated several thousand kilometers, I can’t say anything bad so far. I recommend tires.

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To offer a more complete picture of the product, I have included some photos in my review.


  • - ViaMIX technology using 3D nanomolecules (change in grip characteristics depending on temperature, so the tire in the "grip" class is not assigned the highest, but not the lowest class "B") - VSS technology (variable sidewall stiffness distribution) - Hydro Safe V system (special geometry of longitudinal furrows for safe overcoming of water obstacles, including slush) - DirtMove technology (due to the special tread pattern, the cross-country ability of SUVs and crossovers is increased) - ViaPRO technology (noise reduction due to small inclined protrusions on the walls of the longitudinal grooves) - NoNoise technology (thanks to the curved lamellas, the noise level during operation is reduced, the level of grip is increased and uneven wear is reduced) - HighStab technology (safety when maneuvering, thanks to the central ribs and reinforced longitudinal rows of checkers) - VRF technology (tires adapt to the road surface, absorbing shocks when overcoming bumps, which allows you to confidently pass high-speed corners) About indexes: - wear resistance index "treadwear" is 440 units. - a very good indicator (nowhere is it indicated about this, the marking is only on the tires) - tire grip index on wet road surface, so-called. "traction" (class "A" - a high rate; this is not indicated anywhere, marking only on tires) - index of resistance to overheating, the so-called. "temperature" (class "A" - the highest indicator, this is not indicated anywhere, the marking is only on tires)
  • About indexes: - braking on wet surfaces (European test, class "E" - below average level) - fuel efficiency (class "C" - high)

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