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Review on Magnatab — A To Z Uppercase — Activity For Fun And Learning — Sensory Activity — Ages 3+ by Ameen Bethea

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Surprisingly Addicting

I ordered the lower-case version of this as my first ever magnatab product. I wasn't super impressed when it arrived - it's just a bunch of letters with little magnetic balls in them that the pen pulls to the surface of the board, there wasn't anything "wow" about it. After having that board for a while though I found that it was oddly addicting, myself and the kids like to drag the pen over the letters and then push the little spheres back down again. So, I figured I'd order the upper case version of this too so that there are two of these and all the letters of the alphabet can be practiced. The pen is big enough for small fingers to hold easily, and like I said, it's oddly addicting. I feel these are a little pricey at just under $30, but if price isn't an issue, they're oddly satisfying to use.

  • It's the perfect sensory activity to help kids develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Limited opportunities for imaginative play