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Review on New Star Foodservice 51155 Pizza Delivery Bag with Insulation by Haji Anderson

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Has already paid off through better customer service as food stayed warm longer.

Impressive, more than worth the price. Pizza bags at work are ok, but wear out quickly and are not covered with foil. Finally, the dispensing of cold or hot food affects the tip. Foil liner helps 6-8 boxes stay hot or moderately warm for 20-35 minutes (warm for 30-50 minutes) depending on box size, quantity and folding/turning method. That's 10-15 minutes longer than our regular ice packs, which makes a big difference when I have 2-4 stops in a delivery. Some reviews note that the boxes get wet because the steam doesn't come out. I haven't had this problem in the last 7 months since I bought it, so 2 side vents seems to solve this problem? The only box that ever seems wet enough to notice this is the bottom box ONLY IF I never turn it from the bottom on a very long delivery. Wet cartons, in my experience, are more associated with overly wet food in the cartons that come into contact with the carton (sloppy toppings, loose/undercooked crust, spicy chicken wings, etc. in direct contact with the carton). My only SMALL complaint is that the inner and outer layers of the back panel on the particular bag I received were sized quite differently or were sewn in such a way that the back panel wants to stay pleated/folded. The folds on this slab alone have never been flattened out like the others, so an empty pocket will not remain cubic. I can live with that as it's easy enough to load by sliding in a stack of boxes and pulling the top edge towards me.

  • Good product for the price
  • weak