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Review on Acer CG437K Pbmiiippuzx 4K Display, 144Hz, Backlit, Compatible with DisplayHDR 3840x2160 by Jeff Johnson

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Read if you are buying for GSYNC

Many people have problems with this panel. First, I have the latest I9 processor, 3070 RTX GPU, 32 gigabytes of RAM. I received the monitor 1 week ago, the packaging was badly dented, the box wouldn't even stand up on its own, there were holes so big I could actually see the bezel on the outside of the box. The panel stand was completely broken. I already had a mount for it so I installed it to try it out. First thing I noticed is no dead pixels and this VA panel is bright! Nice picture, great contrast. I've watched HDR content, 4k movies and played Baldur's Gate3, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Odyssey with every computer and panel configuration and setting. And yes, I've also tried sacrificing features for 144Hz, I don't recommend it. Here are the things I couldn't get over after messing with it. 1. Games were smooth but G-sync flickering was not only on loading screens but also in game. The cinematography was very bad. Couldn't get rid of it as it's not very noticeable once you get sucked into the game. I suggest buying a real G-sync monitor with an nvidia.2 processor. When watching video, 4k or not - in bright scenes with dark areas or dark scenes with a light source, the gradient between dark and light was the worst I've seen. Not smooth at all, I'm talking huge pixelated areas. No amount of settings on the panel or PC could fix it. I even watched the same content on my 4k TV that I bought 5 years ago to make sure it wasn't just content.3. HDR added great highlights to the light source, reflections and shadows. It was great and bright but the color washed out too much, no nvidia settings helped. HDR also made gsync flickering MUCH worse. Big disappointment for HDR.4 games. This panel generates a lot of heat, maybe it's standard for this type of panel but it doesn't seem right, after only two hours of play this thing was like a heater. Between those things is a broken stand, basically gsync flicker. , I felt that the panel was incomplete. Things that were great really shined, but for the price I was 100% expecting a more rounded monitor. I wouldn't expect anyone to buy gsync to keep it. I hope this helps others, I hope I just got a lemon which is entirely possible. Next I will use the LG 38 Ultra-Wide IPS.

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  • 38.53 x 10.41 x 26.46 inches
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