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Review on πŸ“€ Enhanced Viewing Experience: Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player with HDMI Port for Upscaling Quality by Josh Moore

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Sony DVPSR510H Pretty decent dvd player - my review about it

Recently our DVD player broke. And since we often watch either movies or cartoons, or even photos on dvd, we urgently went to buy ourselves a new one. The choice was certainly not small. But we didn't need bells and whistles. We do not like to sing karaoke, the bear stepped on the ear. the main thing is that there should be some company more or less well-known and reliable, so that there is a usb hole, and it plays the most popular format. Well, it's over, we had to take such a player no more than 2 thousand. There were many companies, but we chose the best in all respects and it turned out to be the Sony DVP-SR320 DVD player. Firstly, the company brings trust with it, it was the kind of equipment they once produced of good quality, I hope they still produce the same now. Secondly, there were the most necessary functions for me. And now everything is in order. The player was sold in such a box. The package is quite small, since the DVD player itself is not large. Its size is 21 cm by 27 cm and a height of 3.8 cm, and it weighs about 1 kg. I really liked all of this too. Small, handy, lightweight, fits anywhere, doesn't take up much space. The package itself already says that it plays digital files, video, audio and music via USB. And as I said before, this was the most important thing for me. Since the computer does not record discs with us now, and we have not bought them for a long time. And on usb it was very convenient to quickly throw off what you need to see and look at yourself on dvd. You can say that you can also look at the computer, but alas, our computer is always at work. I don’t understand formats, so we took the dvd that reads the most common AVI video format, these are Xvid format files. What is also written on the packaging of the player. In general, as I understand it, all purchased discs are recorded in this format. Of course, the problem arose that I was downloading videos from the Internet in a different format. But I found a way out, I just said a video converter from one format to another. And everything is very easy to do. I'll tell you about it a little later. So the problem was solved very quickly and easily. All disks are readable. Also on the box they promise that the player will read even the most damaged discs. So far there haven't been any and I can't tell you about it. And as you can see, it is immediately written that the dvd is light and thin. This is how the manufacturer promises us this dvd will look like. It's funny, I've never seen this before, but here's the warranty card. It's on the side of the box) And it's just so small. Well, okay, the main thing is that it works. Here we open the box. Inside there was an instruction in which everything is described in detail on working with the player. It's all neat and tidy here. The player itself is wrapped in such a film. And here's what our Sony DVP-SR320 DVD player actually looks like. Neat, very easy to design. The colors, as you can see, are black. I wanted light, but we simply don’t have them in the city. This is what the player looks like from the bottom. But I don't think it will bother us too much. The cord is not insanely long, but of medium length, 1 meter 30 cm. It is just enough for us to connect it to the group socket along with the TV. But the connectors for connecting to TV, everything is there, everything is in place, I connected everything myself, I did not find any difficulties. Here they are connectors for DVD and CD, USB connector. Everything you need is within easy reach. And the buttons are also large and easily accessible, and they are convenient to use, already tried. The first is the button to open the drive, the second button is to play. Next is the button to stop playback. And a button to turn the player on and off. In general, if your player is turned on in a surge protector, which we turn off, and turn on the TV and dvd before turning it on, then the dvd starts up by itself and at the place where we then stopped. This is not always convenient. Sometimes we don't need it. This is probably one of the shortcomings. There was a remote control for him. The remote control, as you can see, is not only for dvd, but also directly for a Sony TV. Maybe, of course, this is convenient when there is a TV from this company, but these buttons are useless to us and only make the remote control bigger. In the remote control, there was only one branded battery, type AA. Although everything is simple and clear in the management, we only use the buttons that are at the bottom of the remote control and "Menu" and "Display". With these buttons, or rather the "Menu" button, we choose from where to watch the video, from a disk or usb. It does not work loudly, but you can say it is not audible at all. Here's another downside! When a disk is inserted, we still do not understand how to turn on video from usb, it simply does not turn on. Or maybe we're stupid. For the price, it is not so expensive, but I think it is a little overpriced because of the company. It costs 1289 rubles. My result: you can find better, but I hope the quality of it will simply cross out all the minuses. While working with a bang. They have already adapted to everything (which could not be said at first) and are very happy with him!

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  • The company is good and inspires confidence, light, small, does not think for a long time, works quickly.
  • Turns on automatically with the inclusion of a network filter; when the disk is inserted from usb files are not included; c usb only reads video in AVI format.

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