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Review on TICONN 12PCS Ratcheting Wrench Set, Professional Slim Profile Mechanic Cr-V Ratchet Wrench Set With Organizer Rack (12PCS Inch (SAE)) by Sean Davis

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Good, but coatings make me wonder about tightness over time

They say that there are 3 layers of coatings to keep it from rusting. I can verify that there is 3. I chipped the tip of the open end wrench side of the wrench, and I can clearly make out the brass coating under the chrome and nickel plating. This makes me question. With so many coatings on the wrenches, will it chip and wear off over time? and if it does, what is the gaping going to be like? How thick are all those layers going to open up the end of the wrench to add play when using them?Durability is pretty good though. I had to take off the lawnmower bolt that holds the blade in place, which is a 14mm, and it was so tight. Well, it was put on with a 1/2 drive ratchet. So it was on there pretty tight. I could not break it free with just my hand, so what I did was use the 19mm as a cheater extension (turn the wrench 90 degrees and attach the boxed end to the open end of the wrench that is on the bolt, and use it like that as an extension). After doing that, both the 19mm ratcheting end, which had pressure put on it to the side, and the 14mm, which had pressure on it the straight way, both of them held up well. The only damage was to the tip of the open 14mm end, which it just chipped the coating. This was a good test to test their durability as to if they break easily under pressure. which it passed with no problem.I like the fact that these have a lifetime warranty, and that it is a straight set, where there are no wrenches missing in the middle, like a lot of other sets do. I also like the fact that the case that they come in, the wrench holder, is reusable. The wrenches snap into place, so they should stay in place while carrying it around, but have a secondary top bar that is reusable, that locks into place over all the wrenches, so they will not come off, even if you drop them by accident.I have tried other "off brand" wrenches before, and some had big ends on the ratcheting end set were bigger then the name brand ones. These are a vary from slightly larger, to maybe the same size in diameter to some of the name brand ones I have used. They have a nice clicking action with almost no extra play in the ratcheting mechanism. Overall, they just have a nice feel to them.Only time will tell if the coating becomes a problem (wears off for example), or if I get a lot of extra slack because of the coating. I could complain about the coating chipping, but to be honest, I was plainly abusing them when that coating chipped, so I can not blame the manufacturer for that. But I did it to give a good test to both, right and side durability of the ratcheting mechanism, and I wanted to see if it would fail using force that was more than what a normal person could do, using them the right way. So there is no way I could take a star off for that.I will update if these fail or have problems in the future, but I got these as a spare set, to put in them in places for emergency. Like in the trunk of a car. I am including some photos of the chipped tip of the wrench so you can see how small it actually is. and what it looks like.

img 1 attached to TICONN 12PCS Ratcheting Wrench Set, Professional Slim Profile Mechanic Cr-V Ratchet Wrench Set With Organizer Rack (12PCS Inch (SAE)) review by Sean Davis

  • Great tools
  • The set may not include some common sizes