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Review on ViewSonic VX3211 2K MHD: Widescreen Display with Built-In Speakers, Blue Light Filter, Anti-Glare Coating, and Flicker-Free Technology by Steven Webb

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The 2K version is still amazing!

I've seen a lot of product reviews talking about a 4K monitor and was disappointed that the display doesn't really reach that resolution, but it's a 2K version. I'm still VERY impressed with the picture quality even though it's not full 4K. To be honest, even if I had a 4K display I would probably set it to 2K as it still looks amazing and runs games smoother. UPDATE: 2 months later and this monitor is still great. I LOVE it for gaming and even for general office use. The colors are so vibrant and the image is incredibly sharp. No regret! I feel like my new Google Pixelbook i7 has an amazing display and this relatively inexpensive monitor came pretty close, except the display is MUCH larger. I've played Ark: Survival and Fortnite (UPDATE: I've played Devil My Cry 5 on max video settings, which looks AWESOME too!) on it so far, and I'm wondering how I ever handled my other weak 19-inch monitor . The colors are very vibrant and the image is really sharp right out of the box. I was able to easily increase the resolution to 2K on my gaming laptop with HDMI and VGA connectivity. I have to wait until I get my new gaming PC before trying the display port option. NOTE: The monitor comes with an HDMI cable only. UPDATE: I finally got my new gaming PC and WOW what a great looking one. I use the display port without any problems. I've had the monitor for a couple of weeks now and am seriously tempted to get a second one to create a huge panoramic screen with two monitors. I also had no issues with the display flickering, turning off, or the display "waking up". I got an extended warranty just in case, but so far it doesn't look like I'll need it. This is a really reliable product. There is also a small handle on the back of the monitor that looks like a small antenna. FYI this means the headphones/headset must be worn when not in use. I love the fact that I have a place to store my headset that is accessible but also a bit hidden and out of place. Overall, you can't beat a monitor of this size and quality for less than $300. "It's related to this monitor that the onboard speakers are a little underwhelming, but I'm serious. Who would buy a monitor that big to play games and didn't have a decent external speaker setup, or at least a Dolby 5.1 Using a headset?The fact that it generally has speakers is a bonus in my opinion.

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  • I really like the 32 inch monitor. I couldn't get View Split to work, but I wouldn't use it anyway.
  • This monitor is suitable for my use,