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Review on πŸ“± SSK 2TB Portable NAS External Wireless Hard Drive: Personal Cloud Smart Storage with Wi-Fi Hotspot, Auto-Backup, and Wireless Remote Access for Phone/Tablet PC/Laptop! by Marty Drury

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2TB Portable Hard Drive & WiFi Hotspot

Unpacking went well. I bought it for use in a portable environment where I can connect a laptop and two or more cell phones. I would use my cell phone as the internet gateway and the SSK drive would be the access point for the laptop and other cell phones. While my cellphone was the gateway (SSK) connected to it via WiFi, I was able to access files on the drive, connect phones and videos back, watch saved videos, play streaming music, no problem. The drive works as I assumed and serves 2 phones, a tablet and two laptops The drive shows up online in Windows and I can add it as a network drive (make sure SAMBA is enabled in the phone app settings) as a network device You'll need to change the default simple "admin" password to something more secure before you can access your files online. Downloads were typically half the speed. I also tested this when SSK was a hotspot that connected through my AT&T cell phone and the speeds were between 8MB/s and 40MB/s These numbers match my networks/m Plenty of speeds connected directly without an SSK hotspot No problem I admit when I first received the device I read the instructions and was up and running within 15 minutes, however my unit had a technical issue that I didn't could solve. I bought through Revain and when I received an email from the seller asking how things were going I replied. I told them what I was going through. I sent them screenshots of what the router, computer, cellphone and SSK were seeing and details of what I was doing and they responded very quickly. I replied to an email I received from SSK support and despite the time difference, I received a reply with instructions for me every morning for several days. I've worked with Jesse and he was amazing! With the information I provided them, they found the problem and sent me new firmware that fixed the problem and got me back to work. it has worked ever since and I still like it. It does get warm, but mostly while charging. After a full charge, I don't notice much heating. I tested the battery which only works hotspot and driving and lasted almost 24 hours. I suspect this will decrease over time. With the current V83 firmware that Jesse sent me, I have no current problems with the drive. The initial problem I encountered appeared to be unique to my drive and was related to a MAC address conflict. I gave this 5 stars because the customer service is the best I've had with anything like this. I usually get little or no help from sellers and they take the device and give me a refund. This company worked hard to solve my problem and I am grateful to them for that. As for the hardware itself - I agree the instructions could be better, but if you read the instructions and follow the pictures everything will work just fine. If my device didn't have a clear hardware issue, the drive and hotspot would work right away. If the access point is not important to you and you just want to turn on the drive, connect it. and back up photos and videos from your phone (computer too), then that's fine too. When you're done, unplug your device and turn it off. The power button is a bit fiddly, so I suggested turning on the hardware option to turn off the device via software and providing a way to reboot the device via software. Having had experience with other similar drives, I decided to try this one as it was a 2TB hotspot drive. WD has one, but it's a 1TB drive and costs a lot more. I don't know what drive this device uses, but what I use it for I recommend the drive.

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