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Review on Tetra Pro ReptoMin Baby Turtle Formula Sticks, 1.13 oz. (77093) - Enhanced for SEO by Amanda Castillo

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Tetra Tetrafauna Turtle loves it: my truthful feedback

Today's review is about Tetra Repto Min Sticks food for aquatic turtles. If I had been told a year ago that we would have a turtle, I would not have believed it. But it so happened that in September last year our cat Barnik died of a heart attack. We took this loss very hard. Everything happened so unexpectedly and quickly that this event crippled us very much. The cat was just over five years old. It was decided not to have any more cats. The youngest child was so worried that the grandmother decided to somehow console him and switch his attention, she brought us a water turtle. He loves all kinds of reptiles, turtles and snakes. Meet our new pet Goshka. Our dad was not told about the pet right away (so as not to injure the gentle male psyche). Rather, at first they said that the turtle was a toy, and when they got used to it, they admitted that it was alive. Oddly enough, he became attached to Goshka most of all. Well, the Dzungarian hamster Khomka and two dogs are not enough for us. One breed "noble", and the second Siberian Husky. Now also to feed the turtle. Of course, right away we were talking about what to feed the turtle. The choice fell on the main food for turtles Tetra Repto Min Sticks. This is what the packaging looks like. This is the main food. The package contains 60 grams of food. This food provides a balanced diet for aquatic turtles. The composition is written in detail on the packaging. Turtles need to be fed several times a day in small portions. It is made in Germany. The jar is hermetically sealed. Food in the form of worms. The worms are quite large for our Goshka and we break them into pieces. They break apart easily. Since October, the turtle has grown noticeably. He is very agile and active. Feels great. This is the second pack of food. Goshka eats well. I can safely recommend food for turtles Tetra Repto Min Sticks. If you have an aquatic turtle, then this review is for you. Sincerely, Elena.

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