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Review on Prevent And Heal Ankle Injuries With EverOne Compression Support Sleeves - Unisex, Small (1 Pair) by Paul Zimmer

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Amazing Set of Ankle Supports (not Ankle Braces)

While these are titled as "Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve”, I find the more accurate title to be "Ankle Support Compression Sleeves”. To me, a brace has something firm to immobilize your ankle (like what you’d use after an injury to treat), while a support is something you use regularly to protect against injury (compressing the area to remove pressure while not restricting movement of the ankle). An alternate title for these could be "thick tight toeless compression socks”. Whatever they’re called, these do an awesome job as a set of ankle supports. Keep in mind they’re not going to prevent your ankle from turning but they will make it less likely.I have weak ankles that twist under a lot when exercising (and sometimes when just walking around doing nothing) due to previous damage. I got these ankle braces to wear when hiking, which is often very rocky and steep ups/downs, sometimes over boulders, so I need to maintain some ankle flexibility but add support.These are made of unknown synthetic fiber in China. The package says that they are FDA approved.How to buy and wear these:• First, buy these in the correct size. I have a size 9 women’s shoe. I was unsure whether to get a s or m but the instructions say to measure your leg in specific spot of your upper ankle. The instructions are accurate because the supports fit just right over socks, as intended. Based on the size of the upper ankle. These have a compression fit and are a tight weaved fabric, so if you are in between sizes, I would suggest the larger size.• When wearing them, first put on a non-bulky pair of socks and then slide the supports over each. Your socked toes will be sticking out the brace and they fit high up on your ankle.• You can wear your normal shoes but you’ll just have to loosen your laces a little.How to care for them:• Hand wash or machine wash at 40 degrees. Don’t wring, don’t bleach, and don’t use the dryer (line dry only).How they feel:• These supports were very comfortable. They didn’t move around, chafe, or cause blisters despite some serious challenging hikes. I felt like I could sufficiently rotate my ankles to accommodate the rocky terrain.• They fit comfortably under my normal hiking boots.• While my feet feel noticeably hotter while wearing these, they’re breathable and I don’t get sweaty feet. They may be annoying in the dead of summer heat (we’re past that, so I can’t say for sure), but they will be good for the other three seasons and I bet I’ll wear them even if it’s hot; the added support is a good tradeoff.• I can feel the compression but it isn’t annoying / overwhelming. I didn’t have the feeling that they were digging in but after I took them off, I did have marks at the top and bottom where the elastic compressed.• They seem to have extra compression in the ankle and arch of your foot.What else I like:• This comes in a set of two so it’s a great value.• These are the perfect thickness.• They are well-constructed and seem like they will be durable.• This covers the whole heel rather than having cutouts.What I don’t like:• Honestly, other than the mystery fabric, the green and black color is the only thing I am not in love with. Since the supports come up higher than mid-height boots the green sticks out above them. I’d prefer a more subtle plain black for this product.Overall:I haven’t had an ankle roll since I started wearing these, so I’m loving them. I can recommend this product for people who have ankle discomfort or weak ankles, but this wouldn’t be a good set to buy if you want to treat a sprained (or worse) ankle.

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  • SPACIAL FABRIC - The breathable fabric absorbs sweat, keeping the area dry and odor free while keeping the joints at an optimal temperature
  • May cause discomfort during hot weather