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Review on Crest Brilliance Toothpaste Vibrant Peppermint by Josh Rengo

Crest Brilliance Glossy shine guaranteed - all pros and cons about this

I got the toothpaste for 500 rubles, the price is quite significant for such a hygiene product. Apparently she succumbed to the general hype. The crest 3D white Brilliance whitening toothpaste is designed to lighten enamel by 1-2 tones. This is achieved by removing soft plaque from the tooth enamel, in any case, the enamel will not change its natural color. For me, the paste is quite economical, I use any paste to a minimum. Toothpaste looks like a gel, due to small iridescent inclusions - they give a certain color to the paste or heterogeneity, you might think that it is in the form of a paste. When brushing, you can feel the abrasive, such small and rather sharp particles. Therefore, do not rush when cleaning and be careful with the gums. The manufacturer assures that the paste uses a formula to preserve enamel. Perhaps the good % of fluorine included in the composition protects and strengthens the enamel. In any case, I would not recommend whitening paste for daily use. I got enamel sensitivity on the third day after brushing my teeth in the morning and in the evening. It’s just that you can’t tear yourself away from the toothpaste and it’s impossible to stop, I want to use it. It is a very pleasant feeling of clean teeth. You get used to it and it seems that other pastes are just not like that, they do not clean and do not refresh. The teeth are unrealistically smooth, I want to look in the mirror and run my tongue over the surface of the enamel. Accordingly, plaque does not appear during the day. I used to eat a cookie and the raid is already ready, I have a horror of what's going on from such products. I also want to note that fresh breath stays much longer, a certain confidence appears. To taste toothpaste Cross has a mint flavor, such a pleasant slightly burning freshness. The teeth did not become whiter, but the enamel changed. As if it somehow became fresher, and most importantly, such a shine appeared, the enamel is smooth and polished. Super view of course, as in advertising a reflection of the teeth. Buy or not? Just for the sake of variety, it's worth a try. Keep toothpaste away from children. Up to 2 years can not be used indicated on the package.

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Pros & cons

  • Good cleansing, glossy enamel
  • Expensive and must be ordered

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