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Review on ⚙️ Efficient Replacement Part for Ecosmart HE 90240 ECO 27 Water Heater by Narendra Thapa

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Saved us a fortune, easy DIY

Our water heater has been running for 6 years now with no problems. Last week my wife heard a pop when I was taking a shower and the hot water stopped. The water pressure dropped, some kind of sediment flowed out of the taps without a filter. Being unfamiliar with water heater maintenance, I had no idea what was wrong; I contacted a few plumbers to see how much it might cost us. The plumbers I spoke to refused to do repairs on the electric water heater. The manufacturer also doesn't have technicians to send, so I could only get the installers to think about replacing the entire unit. One of them wanted $750 to $1,000, not including materials and a water heater (another $500). First, I decided to study spare parts on my own. I read Robin Settle's review here and her problem sounded exactly like ours. One of our three heating elements actually exploded, causing the element to expand and rupture, throwing insulation into our plumbing system. Since it was stuck I had to tap it up with a hammer and screwdriver to get it loose. I replaced it with a new part and everything worked fine. The entire repair process would have taken only 15 minutes if I had known from the start. Even if you are not very crafty at home, this was a very easy fix. Just make sure you have something to remove and install the part - without a 1.5" wrench I used pliers. It's worth learning how to do it: $40 is a lot cheaper than $1250-1500! It's worth noting that this product does not come with O-rings. I was able to reuse the O-ring from a broken heating element.

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