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Review on Sceptre DisplayPort FreeSync Speakers E275B FPT165 1920X1080P, Built-In Speakers, Flicker-Free, Frameless, Blue Light Filter, ‎E275B-FPT165 by Craig Ledet

My first gaming monitor and the best so far!

The company has extended my WFH schedule so I still have a few more weeks to work remotely and I thought it was time to buy an extra monitor for my extended screen laptop and hopefully my gaming PC. I was specifically looking for a 4K/QHD monitor as I do a lot of work in Excel so I end up with more higher resolution cells. However, my roommate told me that on a 27-inch screen, resolutions over 1080p don't matter. I think she's right, here I am for the same price as a regular 27" QHD 60Hz monitor with a 27" Scepter 1080p 165Hz gaming monitor1. My roommate is definitely right, for a 27" 1080p monitor, the sharpness and clarity is fine. His 27" 4K monitor displays more content, but all the letters and symbols are too small2. Instead of a regular HDMI cable, it will a DisplayPort cable included, the good thing is that I can now connect it to my work laptop via HDMI and my gaming PC via DP, one button toggles for work and another button for play, no more plugging and unplugging. The screen itself is very impressive: thin bezel design, no dead pixels or anything like that, native frequency of 165Hz, fast response time of 1ms, extensive menu customization options and more It basically has everything I need for a 2-in-1 work/ Game need, even in Excel/Outlook, where most of the pure white background color is used, the screen displays the true colors required, the only thing is that you only get 144Hz with HDMI, so make sure Make sure DP is used when you want to maximize your refresh rate4. The monitor comes with AMD FreeSync Premium certification, which appears to be an updated AMD FreeSync standard. I wish it could do HDR too, we'll find out5. The monitor also comes with built-in speakers, which is pretty amazing. I will say that for gaming using in-ear headphones and work where you can focus on ambient noise, the speaker output might be what you need in certain scenarios, so the speakers are definitely a plus. In general, this is very good. Good gaming monitor, half work half gaming for me too. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and possibly buy a second one to do a dual monitor setup to take advantage of the WFH company's refund policy. For your health.

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Pros & cons

  • This is a great monitor for gaming, work, and whatever else you do. I have 2 of these.
  • There are new competitors

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