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Review on 🧵 ArtBin 6840JN Floss Finder Box: Ultimate Sewing & Embroidery Organizer for Clear, Multi-Purpose Plastic Storage Case [1] by Nicole Mcleod

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ArtBin Finder Roomy, large, comfortable!: my truth review

For a long time I licked my lips at this box, everything somehow didn’t fit in finances to buy it. But then there was a case and I decided that it’s enough to deny yourself useful things, especially since it’s much easier to put things in order with such boxes. If a seamstress or a bandage is wound up in your house, I think you know firsthand what kind of mess and bedlam they can cause around them) New mountains of yarn, fabric, thread and sewing and knitting bells and whistles are constantly appearing! And their jobs are a frightening picture of chaos) But believe me, every needlewoman dreams and strives to ennoble her workplace, and even more so to bring practical, law-abiding order in it! For they themselves have to live and spin in this, and, of course, create. And when creativity is distracted by the constant search for what lies anywhere, but not in its place, this, of course, strains a little... So I’m no exception, I want to, I’m trying to somehow get used to the order, somehow put everything on the shelves, caskets, as my mother teaches me)) But first, in order to put everything in order, you need to get just the same boxes where all my goodness can be folded. Earlier, I already boasted about my boxes for small things, I already have 2 of them, but I mostly store buttons there. For this new year, Santa Claus did not bring me anything practical and suitable, so I have to slowly stock up on the necessary utensils as the toad hanging around my neck lets go. I just received my long-awaited box, which I had been dreaming of for a long time, and of course I immediately credited it! I got it in a beautiful blue turquoise color, it is made of good, fairly dense plastic. In general, boxes of the Trivol brand are primarily used for fishing accessories, but we, the female gender, again took away all the best from the weak male and adapted it for ourselves)) Look, you can place as many as 27 spools of thread on special spool holders, put needle beds, hooks, crayons, rulers and stuff like that on the side, there is a compartment with an insert in the middle. As you can see, there are 4 compartments in the lower compartment, you can put a centimeter, needles, pins, buttons there. In the upper (insert) 5 square, let's say for beads, and 3 elongated compartments. What I really like about this kind of boxes is reliable latches that will not allow the box to accidentally open and pour out all the contents even if it falls. And I also like that the lid fits very tightly to the edges of all compartments, which allows you to put it in a vertical position, for example, if the width of the shelf does not allow, but there is enough space in height. And nothing inside the box will be mixed, but will remain in its cells. And finally, a photo with a hand for a visual representation of the size of the box. In general, its dimensions are as follows: 280x185x70 mm. Price range from 160 to 220 rubles. I took it in the purchase of sewing accessories, it cost me around 180 rubles with all expenses.

img 1 attached to 🧵 ArtBin 6840JN Floss Finder Box: Ultimate Sewing & Embroidery Organizer for Clear, Multi-Purpose Plastic Storage Case [1] review by Nicole Mcleod

  • Capacious, many sections, reel seats for 27 reels, tight latch
  • Not yet discovered