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Review on City scooter Razor A5 Air, black by Agata Janczewska ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

Last year I took my first scooter - ReAsfalto with 200mm wheels (a Chinese company that apparently closed down, because they don't sell it anymore). Two shock absorbers and polyurethane wheels. At the end of the season (2 months) of commuting to work, the rear wing of the brake was worn out to the hole, and a feature was also revealed - on wet asphalt, when cornering, the scooter can break into the skid. Therefore, for this season, I decided to take it on rubber wheels, which, apart from being inflatable, are not. Of the most affordable was only Razor, in fact, these were all the criteria that I wanted, low price and rubber wheels. I have only skated for a week so far, but I can immediately say the positive and negative sides of this scooter compared to Reasfalto. + Depreciation is excellent, you can go quickly on the pavement and your brains will not shake, PPU with shock absorbers is nonsense, they can be said more for beauty. On rubber, even on thin ice, it rides, in principle, confidently, I have not tried to turn on ice. The brake is made of good metal, in combination with a rubber wheel, I think it will last for more than one year, besides, the brand is large - you can request details, and not like with one-day ones from China. - Mudguards on the ruin are simply absent, I didn’t even think about the fact that the back surface of the pants could splash like that. Rolling on PPU is 2-3 times better, on fresh bearings you will push off once and drive 20 meters, here on perfectly inflated wheels 7-10 meters is the limit. Low clearance, the slightest bump or curb, above 5-7 cm - catches the deck. If you hook it at speed, the scooter will be thrown out of your hands, and if you don’t fall, I left a good abrasion on my leg from the deck when the scooter rolled on the front wheel after the hook. In general, either a pipe or a jug. Summarizing, I’ll say that the first or only scooter should not be considered, the delight from riding it is less than on scooters 3-4 times cheaper. I fully recommend to those who want to get a solid construct and riding comfort. However, be aware of the downsides.

  • Depreciation, constructive, folding mechanism
  • Low ground clearance, less rolling compared to polyurethane

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July 04, 2023
Using for over a year. Nothing broke. Excellent quality.