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Review on Glide Oral B Pro Health Clean Floss by Robert Davidson

Convenient minty freshness always at your fingertips

Good day! Continuing my oral care series. Earlier, I introduced you to Doctor PROff paste, which will relieve your gums of inflammation and fill your mouth with the aroma of medicinal herbs. Today we will talk about an intermediate tool between brushing our teeth, which many of us use after eating. Many thought about toothpicks, which are table attributes in catering establishments ... Undoubtedly, they deserve attention, but let's consider another option. Everyone has probably heard of dental floss, the benefits and safety of which are much higher than toothpicks. My family has tried a lot of dental flosses from different manufacturers, but ORAL-B PRO Expert dental floss cool mint, which we have been using for over a year, deserves special attention. The floss is placed in a practical plastic package, which is not afraid of moisture and conveniently opens. The thread is torn off with a blade fixed inside the package. By pulling the thread, you measure the required size and with a slight movement separate the thread from the body. The volume of the package is 25 m, which you will agree is enough for a long time. In addition, the packaging is equipped with a window through which it is easy to control the consumption of dental floss. The thread at first glance may seem wide, but this is its plus. Because pieces of food, falling on the thread, remain on it without slipping, as happens when using a round thread. The thickness of the floss is optimal, allowing it to easily penetrate into the interdental space, extracting food debris from there. In turn, the floss, as you remember, is from the cool mint series ... This is where its additional effect lies, in the form of freshness that fills your breath after applying the ORAL-B PRO Expert cool mint dental floss. For those who do not like mint, this thread will probably not work for them, because the freshness is really scalding. It looks like you just brushed your teeth. Pros of dental floss ORAL-B PRO Expert cool mint: - affordable price; - large volume; - convenient packing; - optimal thread thickness; - refreshing minty effect. Cons, I did not find dental floss. In the end, what we have. Dental floss ORAL-B PRO Expert cool mint should always be at hand. It takes pride of place in our kitchen. Convenient and elegant packaging allows you to take it with you and use it after meals at work, on vacation. It should take its rightful place in your life and apply after every meal. Remember, no one will take care of the health of your teeth better than you, but at the same time you need to be fully equipped and use all available and practical tools, such as ORAL-B PRO Expert cool mint dental floss. All beautiful and healthy smiles!

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