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The ease of use of the system is amazing. I was able to setup a new employee and have him/her access the system within minutes. I also like that you can setup a new system within minutes and not have to wait weeks or months to get a new system up and running. The system is very easy for employees and managers to navigate and understand. I have not found anything that I don't like about the system. I would like to see more integration with the system. Integrations with other systems and applications would be cool. Integrations with other applications and systems would be great. Integrations with other applications and systems. I think this is an excellent tool for employee financial accountability. It is very easy for the employees to access and view their own transactions and for the management to view the transactions as well. See full review

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BIGfish Communications

I like how they're constantly looking for new ways to connect with us, their team is always ready to help out in any way possible! They've also been very open about what's working well and where there can be room for improvement. Some of my favorite things include the fact that they have a great sense of humor, they really try hard at keeping up with current events (which makes them interesting), and they never seem concerned or overwhelmed by all the work we put them under. The biggest thing I dislike is having so many different people involved in each project, and it being difficult to keep everyone accountable. It would definitely make life easier if someone was assigned to manage projects from start to finish. As a small business owner who needs more than one person managing her social media accounts, this service has made my job much easier. See full review

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The best part of working with the EMMC3 agency is that it has the most amazing team, and they are always there for you! They are always willing to listen to your ideas and concerns and are always willing to go above and beyond to make your day special. If you are looking for a company that cares about their customers and wants to make sure you are satisfied with your experience with them, this is the place! I have no complaints about the team - only compliments. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make your day special. There is nothing I can think of that would make me want to look elsewhere. This is the place! I would highly recommend working with them. We needed to have an experience that was both unique and memorable for our team. They were able to make that happen, and they exceeded our expectations. We went to a place that was not only fun but also a place where our team felt like family. They were always there for us and went above and The team is amazing! They work hard to make sure your needs for any of their services are met, they're always professional & courteous. I have used them multiple times over my career (4 years) at different companies across several industries - from marketing/communications to event production & design & video editing/production. So far nothing really. It's been very smooth sailing with no challenges or hassles along the way. See full review

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Inspire Planner

I love how easy it is to create different views, drag-drop projects into them as well as assign tasks or milestones within each view/project that helps me keep organized! It's also great because you can have multiple managers assigned per project so if one manager leaves you don't lose your progress unless another person takes over their role in which case they will be able to pick up where ever left off at (which makes sense). Sometimes there are bugs with certain features but not enough of an issue to make me switch out my app when using this product daily. As long as you know what functions work best before jumping right away then all should go smoothly though sometimes some things do get confused like adding pictures from email attachments etc.. We use inspire planner primarily during our prospecting activities such as cold calling campaigns & sales meetings however we've had success tracking other aspects too including team member schedules. See full review

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Glide Oral B Pro Health Clean Floss

Despite the fact that dentists from advertisements universally claim that the usual paste and brush are not enough for healthy teeth, choosing the right dental floss is no easier than, say, comfortable and beautiful shoes. The thread, which will be discussed in this review, is ideal for large teeth without gaps. Finding it was not so easy, it cost a certain amount of time, money and damaged enamel. Fortunately, my attempts were successful. I have been using this tool for many years, I completely trust the manufacturer, I am satisfied with the quality and effect. To begin with, you can buy it far from every pharmacy, not to mention stores. In addition, even if it turned out to be in stock, I have never managed to buy two pieces, for some reason they order them exclusively one at a time. From this, a funny conclusion suggests itself that in our city people with small, rarely located teeth predominate. As the most aesthetically pleasing example of such teeth, I can cite the smile of the young Alla Pugacheva. If nature gave you the smile of Nikolai Karachentsov, do not worry. Perhaps, along with her, his talent and charm were transferred to you. The next point that makes this thread unpopular is the rather high price. For twenty-five meters you will have to pay about four hundred blood rubles. For reference, usually the length of such threads is about thirty to forty meters, and you can buy them for three hundred rubles or even cheaper. As an example, I can cite one of the last attempts to try to find a replacement, which was rather unsuccessful for my enamel. In appearance, the packaging and the case itself are quite standard, the description is short but informative. On the reverse side, all the necessary information. Since I have been using this thread for many years, I already know that external beauty will not last long. The paint is applied in a thin layer and, due to the lack of embossing, will quickly come to naught. For example, I suggest you evaluate a case with a recently purchased thread and a thread that has already run out; after writing a review, the case will go to the trash can. The contents are inside and if you lift the lid, a plastic window will be found under it, through which you can see how much product is left. As you can see, two years ago, the clamping method was used to fix the lid - a click was heard when it slammed shut. The case from the latest series closes with a magnetic button. There is no click, the lid quietly falls into place, as if you are closing a handbag or wallet. It should be noted the incredibly economical thread consumption, although it is shorter than cheaper counterparts. The difference between these cases is about a year and a half. True, only I use it, if you give the floss to be torn to pieces by the whole family, the end of it will come much faster. Usually, the threads are produced in a round shape, these ideally clean the gaps between the teeth, but in a situation with a dense row of teeth, it will seem that they are trying to tear your jaw off by the root. There will be no such sensations with this thread, it is a wide and thin ribbon. For me personally, using it on my teeth is comparable to rubbing it with a wide towel after a shower. In addition, it is impregnated with mint composition, that is, after use, a feeling of freshness is guaranteed. For ease of use, the thread is fixed on one side of the case, and on the opposite side there is a metal retainer, which also functions as a knife. After unwinding the required length, pass it through the latch and pull. As you can see, even the design of the case is thought out with maximum convenience. For many years this thread has been ideal for me, all attempts to replace it turned out to be a failure. True, sometimes I had to run around half the city to get it. If you value your health and strive for a Hollywood smile, the Oral-B pro expert dental floss will certainly help you with this. See full review

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I like that you can create multiple tabs with different views of all your projects, which makes managing them much easier than just one tab would be! Not many things to dislike about this product at present time - nothing so far really stands out as something we're not happy working in conjunction or withoutit's featureset but if there was an option within our system allowing us more control over how information flows into certain areas then maybe? Would definitely recommend looking through some demos/tutorials before making any decisions regarding purchasing solutions from Itmsuite given their range are quite broad-ranging depending upon what exactly they offer nowdays versus back when i first used it several years ago! Managing large numbers / volumesof data across various platforms & systems both internally between teams members using internal tools suchas SharePoint 2013 plus external clients who use other 3rd party applications eithinour own customers' environments where ITMSUITE acts. See full review

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Gorilla 8401509 Hot Glue Sticks

Greetings to the readers of the site "". Feedback on the glue gun: small Micron, article - GL-02, manufacturer in China! Actual review for lovers of "Handmade"! To be honest, I have nothing to compare with yet, I bought this gun spontaneously, I had to urgently make a fake for the New Year in kindergarten, there was no time to choose and read reviews. although I had read a lot before and there were cons everywhere. I don't understand anything about this at all. I’m more of an entertainer, I’ll come up with something, but I give it to others to perform))) This time I had to learn to do everything myself ... I went to the Leonardo store on the way home, I had only 30 minutes to choose from, the consultant, alas, was out of touch ... so it’s like a lottery, I took a small format, here it is: It was in the assortment of large and small format, the color was available only blue. My child's favorite color. Pleased. The packaging is a plastic blister through which you can see the contents. Everything was hermetically sealed. There is also a cardboard backing that contains all the necessary information for the consumer: A glossy substrate, where on the front side of the drawings is an analysis of the constituent elements of the pistol, everything is clear and understandable: here and instructions for use and safety precautions, the font is quite readable. Date of manufacture printed year 2018: I carefully opened this box and now I continue to store this gun in it, although it is not very convenient, but not critical. Included with the gun were short 10 cm rods - 2 pieces, designed for checking the device for operability: I also separately bought long 30 cm, they are suitable for this gun: For crafts that needed to be done urgently, 1 rod 10 cm was enough for us (see photo of pasta tree). The manufacturer recommends using glue sticks with a diameter of 7.2 mm to work with the gun. Naturally, the rods must be purchased additionally, which is what we are doing now: I checked the operation of the gun at home, opened it, plugged it in, the light came on, figured it out quickly. When I opened the package, there was no negative smell from the plastic, which is a plus! Specifications for this pistol: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 15 W The size of the gun vertically = 11 cm and 13 cm horizontally: Here is such a blue plastic gun, on which there are stickers with characteristics: The plastic is not flimsy, matte, rough, it is comfortable to hold in my hands. For me, it’s a plus that there is a "manual switch” button on-I, off-0, signal red, everything is visually convenient: The button switches with a click, no complaints. We plug it into an outlet, the cord, by the way, quite suits me in length = a little more than 1 meter, the plug is standard: Plug: Then turn on the button and the green light turns on: The push button for applying glue is orange, not tight, quite comfortable for a child’s hand, a 4-year-old child copes well (of course, under the watchful supervision of parents): The rods are inserted into this hole: everything is simple and without problems. The working part of the spout is iron, it heats up, its length is = 2.5 cm. If it gets dirty with glue, then it is quite easy to wipe it off: The manufacturer also provided a metal stand: It is very convenient, the gun is fixed and does not fall. This is a plus, you can let the gun cool down to this particular working spout. It is convenient to work with it, plug it into a socket, press the manual switch button to position I, then insert the rod, you need to press the trigger (orange button) several times, only then the rod is fixed in the receiving barrel: We wait about 3 minutes, the gun heats up and the glue becomes fluid: When working, we do not touch the metal tip, because it is hot and the glue, respectively, too. The operating time of continuous operation should not exceed 40 minutes, I usually glue for 5-10 minutes and turn it off, fix it on the stand and then turn it on again. There is a smell when turned on, but it is not poisonous and it is not the smell of plastic, apparently glue, we do not suffocate (allergy sufferers). We work together with the child naturally, because the crafts are for his kindergarten, so everything is honest and together, clumsily, but everything is at work, we develop fine motor skills and creativity. One rod 30 cm long is enough for us for a full-fledged craft. below there will be a photo with a Christmas tree on it and 1 rod is gone, so it’s quite normal! In general, it turned out to be a universal tool for us for quick gluing. The connection occurs by applying a melt of a plastic rod to the attachment point, such a transparent liquid substrate: Here is our paper blank, paint base, glued pasta: Makfa pasta "Pyaterochka": The twine was also fixed with this glue: The top was covered with varnishes and nothing fell off: A Christmas tree made of cones, for a year now and nothing has fallen off, was fixed on cardboard and on the cones themselves: Plastic fixed beads: Buds: Here are the traces of glue, that is, if you pour a lot of it, then you will have to decorate it later, in this case it is not a prominent format that the substrate will be fixed here, so it’s not critical: Acorn hats: PRICE SEGMENT: I bought it in the Leonardo retail chain in 2020 for 450 rubles. There is such a model in a large format! Rods 30 cm in diameter = 7.2, 4 pieces in a package from 85 rubles. We have been operating for the second year, rarely but aptly! The child also likes the process, but there is only control, because you can get burned, so all the work is in a duet, a hot tip and glue. I was burned, but my sensitivity threshold and skin are not critical, but the sensations are not pleasant, which speaks of children's delicate skin. If the glue gets on your hands, it easily rolls off and is removed. The gun gets dirty during operation, because we are probably not careful users, but after it cools down, you can clean this glue. Then I wipe it with a damp cloth and put it away for storage. The glue dries well, very quickly, it is quite easy to work with it, without tension. Let me summarize: + Universal tool for fast and reliable gluing of fabrics, decorative ornaments, wood products, paper, cardboard and plastic; + easy to use in our case; + has an on/off button, thanks to which you do not need to unplug the gun from the network to cool it down; + the gun has a bracket - a stand, which is very useful during breaks. The stand folds during use so as not to interfere with the process, allows you to work cleanly and safely for fire hazards, because we work with paper, etc., and the working part heats up; + small size, does not take up much space in the closet; + pretty long cord + commercially available rods for it: + has no negative smell; There are no cons for me yet. It works and this is the main thing, I thought it would be a one-time nonsense. MY SUMMARY: Glue gun, Article: GL-02, trademark "Micron" is quite a universal tool for fast and reliable gluing of fabrics, decorative ornaments, wood products, paper, cardboard and plastic. We glue them and many toys that we had to throw away before, but here it’s a real helper. It turned out to be quite safe, simple, convenient and easy to use. Of course, we rarely use it, from time to time, these are mostly crafts for kindergarten and so preparing to decorate the house for the New Year! This is the second year that it has helped us out. I rate it at 5 stars and recommend it specifically for children's crafts, because they have already tested it, I think a slightly different format is needed for large and frequent cases. Soon the New Year's bustle, I think the review will be relevant! While we collect blanks for crafts! The case when I am satisfied with the purchase, in 30 minutes we did all the necessary crafts, though it took longer to think what to do, how and from what! The invention is definitely necessary, as I remember my childhood with mazyuks, everything is in glue ... then they just wiped all the tables and chairs ... and I was no longer happy with my work, then here is the civilization of the 21st century! I hope this review was helpful to you. I would be grateful if you find 15 seconds and rate it. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them in the comments! Video attached! Write links in the comments if you have such a convenient format for creativity! Creative potential for all of us! See full review

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Scissors Taotree Multipurpose Comfort Grip Stainless

Hi all! We have a scissor barb at home, and he constantly steals scissors))) And here again, we needed scissors - I didn’t find it. I decided to buy not expensive ones, a couple of pieces, so that they were at hand. The cost of these scissors was about 20 hryvnia. I bought 2 at once. The quality is very average. Scissors have thin blades and thin handles, but for such money I did not expect special quality. As you can see, they are thin, you can’t cut something thick with them, but like normal clerical ones. I would say very sharp. Paper and the like cut perfectly. Fastened with a metal bolt, which is covered with a plastic sleeve. I would give it a 5 because of the price, but it will be a 4. They served normally until one of the men picked it up and broke one ear. Strength is immeasurable. In general, we are again without scissors. Some are broken, some are gone I will recommend, dishman but working and sharp. You just have to use them carefully. Thank you all for your attention, have a nice day and happy shopping! See full review

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Art1St Watercolor Paper 140 Sheets

I mainly use this paper as a base for my creative works: postcards, boxes, crafts, etc. I buy large A3 paper (size 297x420 mm). Pack of 20 sheets, 200 g/m square. Famous illustrations are applied on the cardboard folder for paper. On the reverse side is a summary of the watercolor paper. It also has a sign of recommendation among professionals. The paper has a convex pattern, medium grain. This texture is well suited for the base of the postcard. Just yesterday my daughter and I made a chocolate card for her best friend in kindergarten. See full review

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I like that Billagestudio is very user friendly for my team members to use as well! It's easy enough so they can add their own information without any help from me or anyone else at our office when it comes time to send out an invoice after we've completed work together in Project Manager (which helps us with keeping track of billing). There are some things about this software which could be improved upon but overall everything works great!! We have been able solve all issues related specifically project management through using Pm Pro by Envision Technologies LLC Software-asd Service Company.See full review

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