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Review on ASUS PA278QV DisplayPort Anti Glare Adjustable 2560X1440P, 75Hz, Blue Light Filter, Built-In Speakers, Swivel Adjustment, HDMI by John Herrera

Good monitor with faulty displayport problems

[Update] 4 stays at 3. I would not recommend the monitor to anyone who wants to use DisplayPort with this monitor. Too many questions about this. It keeps the backlight on even when idle (I believe it still looks for input when it does). Upon waking up, it moves all windows/icons from the second monitor to this one, thinking for a split second it's the only monitor. Google this issue, several people reported it. The only workaround is to use HDMI. Which isn't so bad if it weren't for the flashing blue screen mentioned above. [Update] 5 stars to 4 stars due to an issue with DisplayPort. Sometimes you don't see POST or any other startup, just stare at a black screen until it finds the desktop environment. Switch to HDMI to make up your mind. But for some reason HDMI has blue screen when there is no signal. So you see a nasty blue flash on boot, wake up and shut down. This monitor (PA278QV) has been thoroughly tested and recommended by review sites. I bought it to replace my main monitor to a 27" 4k IPS 60Hz monitor. [Resolution] I'll say right away that going from 4k resolution to 1440 is a downgrade. Text and some icons are noticeably more pixelated. It is noticeable but doesn't bother me as much as I thought. I don't see a noticeable difference when the video playback isn't enough to at least not distract you from a TV show or movie.[Color] The colors on this monitor are very good.I am not an expert at all but it definitely looks very well calibrated maybe it's too rich but it doesn't really require much fiddling compared to my other 4k monitor I had to fiddle with it but gave similar results but the Colors aren't as deep [Backlight and uniformity and viewing angles] Mine has some backlight flare, which is acceptable (I've seen worse hen). Gray and white uniformity (as far as it's consistent across the screen) is pretty good. Color uniformity and viewing angles (meaning colors may vary slightly depending on screen position or viewing angle) are very good, which is impressive. [75Hz and gaming] Outside of gaming, I don't think going from 60Hz to 75Hz would make a difference, but it kind of does. I've noticed that things move much more smoothly on screen. This makes working with the desktop visually more pleasant. But I understand that some people won't notice a difference. When it comes to gaming, the same can be true. At 75 Hz it is much better. I don't understand that other review that heavily criticized it for the gaming functionality. When you look at this monitor, you probably want to get things done first and sometimes relax and play a few games. There are far better monitors out there if competitive gaming is the goal. But if you play more casual games, the 75Hz, 5ms response time is more than enough (there are trade-offs), and getting a great picture and color is a good deal if you want to do more than just play games . [OSD & Miscellaneous] The OSD is a bit unwieldy at first, but once you get used to it, you'll appreciate the number of options available. There's even a blue light filter option and 2 customizable modes. And one of my favorite shortcuts that lets you switch between these two modes. The monitor does not come with a DisplayPort cable (it comes with an HDMI cable). The connectors on the monitor are located on the bottom of the monitor, not on the back. The bezels of the monitors aren't thin enough to emphasize their function, but they are thin enough, which is nice. I don't like the silver Asus logo, it's a bit distracting.

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