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Review on Acer KG251Q Jbmidpx FreeSync Zero Frame 24.5", 1920X1080, 165Hz, Backlit, by Detravius Peoples

BEST gaming monitor

I've been looking for a 27" 165Hz gaming monitor for a long time and oh my god I think this is the one! I've been using this monitor for over 2 months in heavy use so here is my current review. KG272 Amazing monitor, the picture quality is fantastic and the brightness is great although you know it took me about 1 hour to adjust all the brightness settings because when the monitor comes straight out of the box it's really REALLY dim.The speakers on the KG272 aren't amazing but not entirely terrible either, but that's to be expected since most monitors, including this one, won't have good speakers, I suggest just using headphones and plugging them into the monitor itself.forgot to mention that part?yes, one of the really weird design of this monitor is that you MUST plug your headphones into the monitor to get sound unless you're slam ow your headphones, headset, headphones, etc. to the monitor. Well, lucky you, say goodbye to sound! We experienced almost no ghosting or backlight distortion of any kind, which is a HUGE issue with many 'gaming' monitors, so I'm really glad Acer is keeping this under control on the KG272. Okay let's talk about the stand, the stand is actually REALLY solid for what it is, with hard plastic and a metal base to hold the monitor, it stays in place very solidly and doesn't wobble/shake at all, although it matters. Yes, and some more troubleshooting tips for those who don't understand why their monitor isn't running at the advertised 165Hz! - Make sure your cable supports 165Hz, if not buy one. - Make sure your cable is connected to the display port of the graphics card. This is a common problem with many people just plugging it into the motherboard. Make sure your Windows settings are set to 165Hz, to get there go to Settings > System. > Display > Extended display and select the highest possible refresh rate. Hope that helps. You don't understand why it doesn't work properly! Overall after 2 months of use I think this monitor is really reliable and worth the price and I will keep everyone posted if anything happens next month (25.22.22). ).

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Pros & cons

  • Looks nice.
  • So it's 144Hz as promised, but this monitor doesn't work for some reason.

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