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Review on 7200MAh 10.95V/78.84Wh A1382 Replacement Battery For MacBook Pro A1286 (Early 2011, Late 2011, Mid 2012) With 25 Month Warranty by Jeff Prabhu

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Outstanding Replacement Battery For my MacBook Pro 2012 1/2 Worth the Extra $$$

This is a real, unpaid review that I have waited one week to write. I always wonder if the review is legit if it sounds too rosy lol. I am really glad that I splurged and spent the extra $20 for this battery! I vetted them all and I am happy to inform you that so far it is exceeding my expectations. Caveat: Do not forget to "break in" your battery. Mine came with it charged to 54%. So I ran it down to the recommended 7%, shut down and charged it to 100%. It charges very quickly. I haven't timed it yet but approximately 2 to 2.5 hours which is great. It comes packaged beautifully and they give a nice keybord cover and better yet for me replacement feet. I lost one a few years back and never took the time to track down and buy replacements even though it was always a thorn in my side every time I saw it.The screwdrivers are color coded, and magnetic and come packaged together. The battery is very well protected inside a foam mold and bubble wrap around that. So the likely hood of the unit arriving damaged is extremely low. Taking the back off is a bit out of my comfort zone but the local computer shop quoted $60 to replace it. Yeah right. That seemed a bit exorbitant. I wore rubber soled shoes on a non static surface. I recommend using a glass to put the screws immediately into as you remove them. I put mine in a bowl and once I had the back off of the machine I saw some big dust bunnies and without thinking blew the dust out like I was blowing out a massive birthday cake and my screws went everywhere! Hence the tall glass suggestion.also use two glasses. One for the exterior and a different one for the interior screws. Unscrewing was a bit tedious because the screws are so small. After carefully removing all of the necessary screws, swapping out the battery was a breeze!I have recharged the battery now three times after discharging it to 7% and it charges to 100%. The battery life so far has been great @ approximately 6 hours using Word and surfing the net. I have not experienced any random issues like the machine going to sleep for no reason or running hot. If anything it is running at or a lesser temperature than the previous battery.So if you are on the fence about investing the extra $20, if you can swing it do it because so far this battery is outstanding. If it should happen to go sideways I will update the review :-)

img 1 attached to 7200MAh 10.95V/78.84Wh A1382 Replacement Battery For MacBook Pro A1286 (Early 2011, Late 2011, Mid 2012) With 25 Month Warranty review by Jeff Prabhu

  • Provides longer battery life than the original MacBook Pro battery
  • The manufacturing process of the battery may not be environmentally compliant