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Review on SAMSUNG Ultrawide Adjustable LS49A950UINXZA Charcoal 5120X1440P, High Dynamic Range, USB Hub, Ultrawide Screen, Adaptive Sync, ‎S95UA by John Clear

7-8 months of remote work in Covid - finally feeling productive

This monitor is great! On March 1st, my programming team was sent home because of Covid, a few weeks before the rest of the big company was sent home. As a developer, I use a lot of screen real estate. In the office I had 3 2 inch monitors and a laptop screen. I used them all and figured out the bevels that separate the screens. At home I had 23" and 24" monitors on my desk. So in March I put a square card table to the left of my home table. I installed one of the 22 inch monitors and opened up my laptop screen. I bounced between keyboards, mice, headsets, and cameras to hold meetings and do my magic job of building apps. However, after 4 months I started to get tired and claustrophobic. I started looking at 43" and 49" ultrawide monitors. I would have liked the 1440 to have horizontal lines, but the price was too high. All of my current monitors except one of my laptops were 1920 x 1080 resolution. So I started shopping. The C49J890 KVM switch seemed promising, but I was skeptical that it could work now. I received it and I can tell you that I am very satisfied with this layout. When you work with 22-24 inch monitors, you feel like it's more than just two 27 inch monitors in one. It looks like a 2.6 monitor to me. It took a while to connect my three computers and share KVM. Yes, with this you can only view two systems at the same time in PBP/PIP, but you change the source. Here is my configuration: - System 1 - Desktop, connected via DisplayPort and USB (PC INCLUDED with USB-C to A cable) - System 2 - Work laptop, connected via HDMI, external power and USB-C #1 ( was optional USB Type-C cable with DP rating) - System 3 - Personal laptop, connects via USB-C #2 (requires no external power) - Keyboard and mouse connect to two USB ports - Logitech webcam connects to USB CS so as this monitor has speakers I was able to remove my desktop speakers. The sound isn't as good as I had a subwoofer, but still good. The only downside concerns the interface on the monitor itself. It does a lot, don't get me wrong. But it would be nice if someone (sorry I didn't have time) could link the Windows and Mac application to the OSD monitor and menu drivers. I have to reach across the table and press different buttons and joysticks to switch between sharing sources and moving KVM targets. to the right. So I'm listening to music on my personal computer on the right (you can decide which source provides audio to the speakers) and I'm working on code on the left work computer with a KVM switch that has a mouse, keyboard, and webcam provides it. Then comes the Teams/Zoom/Webex meeting from work. I open the call and find that I can't hear the other person/people on the call. It took me two calls to realize that I had to toggle the volume with two or three button presses to the left. I sent a request to Samsung to provide the ability to optionally set up audio to transmit with a KVM switch. This will help ease my "doomsday" situation. :) Also remember that PBP doesn't have to be 1920x1080 for each display (i.e. two identical monitors, 50% each). It can set sources to 33.3% and 66.6% (left or right) respectively. I find this useful when I need 66% work and 33% personal life at different times of the day. I haven't tried the Samsung screen positioning software since I found that Windows 10 PowerToys with the FancyZones.Peace feature works great for me, Keith

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  • Extended dynamic range
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