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Review on Portable Touchscreen UPERFECT Upgraded 1920X1080 15.6", 60Hz, Built-In Speakers, Flicker-Free, Ultrawide Screen, MDS-156G16, HD by Patrick Hickerson

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Long battery life, but cannot be charged via the laptop's Lightning port.

I bought it hoping that it could be charged using the same USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 connection that transfers data, but it turned out that there was no power on the left port. This has the advantage of only having one power cord when running from a wall outlet. However, today the battery lasted 8 hours at 32% charge on the backlight (bright enough for indoor use) and can be charged with a standard USB battery. Since I always have a battery on hand, this isn't a deal breaker. Minus one star for the inability to charge from a laptop like ASUS Zenscreen does. I couldn't find a way to rotate the screen, but that's not a feature I'll use and it's easily offset by the long battery life. It could be a problem with Windows. It comes with TERRIBLE display settings. I tend to just leave the display on factory settings since I'm not picky, but that was a shame. It turned out that the main problem was too high a brightness. If you know how to customize ads, you're fine. If you're like me, you need to do some research and figure out how to do it. I ended up turning the brightness down to 30% and the contrast to 50% and it's pretty close to my laptop's display. However, if I turn it off and on again, it loses the settings, hence minus one star. I can't find the option to save settings, but I hope the seller will reply to me. EDIT: So far in a few days of use this hasn't happened again and all settings remain. Case/stand is OK. It doesn't look super premium, but it doesn't feel cheap either. There are only 2 preset angles to adjust the screen. The magnets hold in place very well. This offering is difficult to manipulate and position when opening and closing, but it's something you do once a day so no big deal. Do not flip the case or the magnets will not align properly. There are no menu instructions and it's a little hard to figure out, but if you play with it long enough you'll get the hang of it. Light up acts as a select, light down acts as a back or exit, and volume up/down scrolls through options or adjusts settings. EDIT: Download a DDC app like clickmonitorddc to change the settings using the mouse. Keep in mind that this app has a "Brightness" setting, but it actually adjusts the backlight (how bright the screen looks), not the brightness (how dark black looks). This is more convenient as you can set it to auto-adjust based on the time of day, full-screen applications, and so on. The supplied USB cables are approximately 1 m (3.3 ft) long. I haven't used the included charging cable yet as my battery is easier to use. I replaced the long USB-C video cable with an 8" cable and an angled adapter to tidy up my desk. USB C 3.1 (10 Gbps) seems to work fine. Depending on which side your connector is on, you may need the supplied length. You may even need a longer one if you want to join opposite sides. I'll go back and buy an ASUS and I'd probably be just as happy with either. It has a large battery and meets the specs. Don't expect to be "pleased" overall, but definitely "satisfied" given the name, brands seem ridiculously slow to get on the portable monitor bandwagon.

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