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Review on 1800wheelchair by Mehdi hazni


Wheelchairs are an essential tool for people who have lost the ability to move, and because these people need to sit on them for a long time around the clock, the comfort and convenience of these chairs is one of the most important It is in their construction.
The 1800wheelchair store, in addition to wheelchairs to move these people, also makes chairs and other specialized tools suitable for these people. category bath safety In this store, Anodeh has provided suitable tools for the greater comfort of these people.
bathroom wheelchair is one of these professional tools that according to my review, the design of these chairs is similar to normal wheelchairs, but with a special design for the bathroom.
Prices for these bathroom wheelchairs start at around $ 200 in this store, and in better models, the price can be seen around $ 4,000. According to the prices, it can be said that this store is suitable for people with different purchasing power.
Due to the importance of being comfortable on these chairs, I suggest that those who intend to buy from this store go to the store address of this store for testing so that they do not give up after buying.

Pros & cons

  • High variety of products with high price differences suitable for all types of shopping budgets
  • Providing specific tools for bath safety
  • Ability to visit the store's face-to-face branch (Store address in website footer
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 59 (depending on the store's products, almost all orders are shipped free of charge)
  • The high number of categories on the website, I think it would have been better if some of these categories were listed as filters. This high number of categories has taken time to find the desired category