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Review on Transform Your Home Gym With ONETWOFIT'S Multi-Function Power Tower: Adjustable Height, Heavy Duty, And Supports Up To 330 Lbs! by Todd Nordine

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temporary/ok fix on my review.

Before I dive into my review, I think context would be helpful:- I'm 5'3" and weigh 150 lbs- my wife is about the same height but 170 lbs- neither of us are serious weight lifters nor body builders but we do try to lift regularlyUPDATE 7/23/20After some emailing back and forth and them sending the wrong size bolt (for the pull up bar), they refunded me $10 for my troubles in finding replacement bolts at the hardware store. I was able to find bolts the exact same circumference and that could be used with the tightening knobs so I decided to go with 4.5" length. It's actually a bit too long now but it still works with the knobs. You could probably get away with 4" length.Pros:+ adjustable height - great for short folks and/or rooms with short clearance+ lightweight - good for if you need to slide it around (I would suggest putting it on fitness mats or a rug if you need to move it+ comfortable cushions for hooking your legs/feet+ dip handles squat rack for a barbell - again, both of us are 5'3" so the handles make us actually stoop a bit to get the barbell off the handlesCons:- assembly manual was not entirely accurate/descriptive- the bolts they sent for the pull up bar are too short to actually secure it in place - I emailed the company before the July 4th holiday and still haven't heard back- the bench is not entirely solid (side-to-side) - I get that there's supposed to maybe be some give to it if I need to adjust from incline/decline to regular but I do wonder if a heavier person + heavier weights would create a safety issue- lightweight - notice earlier I said this was a 'pro' but this is also a con because if I seriously jostle around on the tower then I could see it shift a bit. The solution I came up with was putting two 20 lb dumbbells on the frame to hold it down a bit more.We mainly purchased this because our gyms have been closed since mid-March and we don't have a bench. We do have a barbell, some dumbbells, 2 resistance bands and a pull up bar in a doorway but we wanted something a bit more consolidated.

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  • The only complaint I have us the bench and how it is connected. Seems flemsy.
  • I would give it more stars if the angle was greater for situps. Overall this is a good product.