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Review on πŸ‘οΈ Biotrue Multi-purpose Contact Lens Solution by Bausch + Lomb - 2 FL Oz by Kasey Storrs

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State of the art contact lens solution

Hello comrades! Bausch&Lomb Bio True lens solution is good. There would be a point. But no. There is more to tell. I buy large quantities for myself. So much cheaper. Those who wear contact lenses are familiar with this company firsthand. Bausch&Lomb have proven themselves in the market. Who cares, then you need to pronounce "Bausch and Lomb." American firm. But they do it in Israel. Sell all over the world. Another international. The composition is quality. Here you have hyaluronal, and boric acid and sodium chloride, and a bunch of other unpronounceable names. For example, polyaminopropyl biguanidine and polyquaternium. It makes me want to ask, bulging my eyes, what? ... Comes with a 300 ml bottle and a bright green lens case. Instructions don't count. Paper is paper. Use for its intended purpose, but before that you can read. The cap is screwed on. The dispenser is convenient. The solution flows in a thin stream. The liquid itself foams slightly, forming bubbles. A volume of 300 ml costs about 400 rubles and more. You have to look for something cheap. It is better to search online stores. Free retail and free prices. Margin of 50%, that is, cheaper than 600 rubles to look for. For comparison, I will present to your attention the old and new solution. Both are the same company. Only one is ReNu and the other is BioTrue. The one on the left is the previous generation. On the right is the most recent one. This is where it makes sense to buy. Suitable for all types of soft lenses and removes protein deposits better. I am satisfied with the purchase and can recommend it to those who use contact lenses and occasionally leave them in the container overnight. The experience of several months is positive. The manufacturer recommends changing the solution in the lens case daily and rinsing the lenses themselves with fresh solution only. At the same time, the storage of the opened container is only three months. Good luck!

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