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I like how easy it is to use, especially with its mobile app that can be used by anyone in an organization regardless if they are using desktop or web applications at any given time! It's also very customizable which makes managing your projects easier than ever before!! Sometimes you have issues where some information won't sync between devices so make sure everything has been synced properly prior going live (or even after). Also sometimes there will need extra steps when trying out new featurSee full review

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The best part about inonipro was it's ability to be used with any website or app you use! It could easily integrate into different platforms like Zapier so I didn't have too much of an issue finding other solutions for my needs after using this one as well. Some functions were not very intuitive (like how they made me click more than once just because there wasn’t enough space). This product has been amazing at keeping us organized during our busy season when we are constantly working from home See full review

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The best thing about this product it that its free! Yes you read correctly FREE!! It's very easy setup with no complicated features or anything like most of these products have now days (I'm looking at your ZFS). I do not dislike any specific feature but if there was one i would say maybe some sort of file compression option? Maybe even an online backup solution so we could back up our files when needed instead having them stored locally in case something happens where they are lost/destroyed etSee full review

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The dashboard is very easy going with everything you would need in one place (or two). It's also pretty intuitive once I got used too it - but if that doesn't work well try different browsers or computers just so your not stuck! We've been able use this software since we first started using AWS services years ago before they were even called what there are now and have had great service from them through all changes up until today when their support has become completely horrible at best!! My oSee full review

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I love this stuff... it works really well.... if you are looking for something that will hold your hair in place but not leave any sticky residue then THIS IS THE ONE!! I bought this because my daughter had an accident where her hair was cut off in several places from falling out during surgery so it looked really bad...I wanted something that would hold back any more loss for at least one day but wasn't going too crazy about how she looks after 2 days (she still has some shedding)but if you haSee full review

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I like how it has an option where you can add your own policies which gives employees more control over their benefits! It works well but sometimes there are issues when uploading new data/policies from our office manager because they don't always get uploaded at once correctly so we have had some confusion in regards who gets what benefit during this process - however customer service does contact us if any problems arise (which happens rarely). This software allows my business access all inforSee full review

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The best thing is that they are very friendly, supportive staff! They have helped me so much with my resume as well as job search process overall. I honestly cannot think of anything in particular because everything has been great from beginning to end!! Would definitely recommend them for any career needs you may be having or searching through their site will help anyone looking into new employment opportunities find what matches up perfectly for themselves. Job Searching/ Resume Assistance- HeSee full review

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I like that it can be used for any shift schedule so you don't have to create different ones depending if its an hourly or salaried employee type of job/position; also very easy software! Not much is wrong with this product other than maybe adding more features (maybe even making your own custom reports?) but overall i think their service was great when they helped me set up my account because there's just not many companies out here who offer these types services anymore since most people use gSee full review

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The best thing about this program was that it allowed me to schedule my employees from anywhere in any time zone, as well as being able to have all of them working at once or one by myself if needed! I didn't like how there were some things missing when they first released their app- not many features included but what's here works fine for us so far (no complaints). There are still ways we can improve our efficiency with using your next seven system/app; however most issues people tend complaiSee full review

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I like that it's easy to use, once you get used to how things work. It works well with our payroll system at my workplace so we can manage all of the employees' schedules in one place without having multiple spreadsheets. Not much else - just make sure you know what your needs are before deciding whether or not this will fit them! We have been able to easily keep track of who has worked each day since January 1st as far back as 2 years ago which was pretty big when only accounting records were See full review

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I like how easy it is to use and navigate. I don’t like that sometimes it is hard to find a specific employee to add if they are not currently in the system. It is a very easy system to use and add any employee to the system. I also like that it is very easy to set up. Even if you are not very computer savvy it is very easy to use. I also like that I can set up any time off, holidays, and vacation. The best thing about this system is that it has an option to track employee's leave balance. It aSee full review

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I love that it's so easy to get started with! It has all of your important info in one spot (like status updates) but also links directly back into JIRA where you can keep track of everything else about an issue or feature request - which helps make sure there are no missed details when someone posts something new later down the line - very useful tool indeed! There isn't much out there like this at present time unfortunately though maybe we should be looking more widely? The UI could use some wSee full review

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The best thing about this program is its simplicity of use for both newbies as well as experts in video editing or graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator etc. It's very easy to learn how it works with no prior knowledge required. I can't think of anything bad at all! If you're looking into using some kind of graphics editor such as photoshop but don't want something complex then look up quick reviewer because they have made their product simple enough so anyone could easily undSee full review

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I like that you can set up your own workflow, templates etc which makes it easy for new people in the team to get used to the system. The reporting could be better as well - there are some things we need to do manually which would have been simpler with more automation (although this might improve over time). We use it at work now so haven't had any issues yet but if it's something you think may become an issue then look into other options. It has made our approval processes much easier by alloSee full review

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We have been working closely together for almost 2 years now as I am currently living abroad (in France). The support has always given me peace of mind at all times. It's easy having someone available when needed by email or phone calls whenever it suits them! They can work from home but they also come over each week so that makes things even easier especially being alone here :p! Nothing really special about this service - just good communications skills & customer care attitude but overall i wSee full review

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The best thing I like about Lark is that it has all my social media accounts in one place, so I don't have to keep switching between apps! Sometimes when you're not using the app for more than 30 seconds or 1 minute, you won't be able to log back into it, but this isn't really an issue with me because everything I need is right there at once (i.e., twitter/facebook). There are other ways of doing this if people want something different, but I love how easy this makes things. It also saves time bSee full review

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I love how easy it was to get my first 100 users with this tool, plus we also use their Facebook ad manager which makes our process of creating campaigns super simple! The only thing that could be improved would definitely have more flexibility in terms of scheduling ads during holidays or weekends because as soon as you schedule an event they end up being public within 24 hours (which kind of defeats your purpose!). Our team has been able to automate almost all aspects related to onboarding newSee full review

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The best thing I like about this software is that it can help me with my work tasks as well personal task management (e-mailing/texts etc). It has been really helpful since we are working in different countries now which makes communication very difficult so having all these tools at our fingertips does make things easier for us! Nothing much but other than what i have mentioned above nothing else comes across mind right away when using smart timer or email tracker app! Great piece of tool if yoSee full review

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It is easy to use as it integrates with slack very well so that all your communication can be done from one place without having separate apps or accounts installed. This app has not been updated since 2017 but I think there are better options out now like Asana integration where we have more features than this simple tool allows us too easily integrate into our daily lives while working remotely. Integrates perfectly with slacks notification system allowing me to quickly respond directly throuSee full review

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The best thing about it is being able to see how many people are in a room, how much time has passed since they started and when they're done with their tasks. It also allows you to set up notifications for when they start or finish something and when someone enters or leaves the meeting room. The support from Nikabot can be very slow at times and I've had to wait around a week or more before receiving any response. If your organization uses Slack, this is an excellent tool to track your teams' See full review

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