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Review on ๐Ÿ” EVICIV Raspberry Touchscreen Ultra Wide 178ยฐMulti Point 1920X1280P Portable Monitor: Ideal Gaming Monitor for Xbox, IPS Display, HDMI Connectivity by Louis Honeycutt

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Good monitor is the best in my rating

Originally reviewed January 26, 2021 This monitor is amazingly light and thin. The images are clear and the colors are good. It has decent brightness and contrast. As a monitor I am very happy with it. There are two ways to power this monitor. One is an external power source such as a battery or AC power module that uses the bottom USB-C port. The other is a USB-C cable that connects to the top USB-C port when the other end of the cable is connected to a device that has enough power to run the monitor. For example, my 13-inch Samsung laptop has enough power to power the monitor, but my Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone doesn't. The user manual even mentions this limitation. Necessary. Just to be clear, it is possible to connect a laptop to the monitor with a USB-C cable that will power the monitor and communicate at the same time. This is a very clean and tidy facility. HDMI input. It's nice to see that the monitor has a 3.5mm audio jack. In our house, we prefer wired headphones. Certainly not a fat sound. But they work, and in a quiet environment they can be used to watch a movie. The included stand/cover is almost useless as a stand, but can serve as a good protective case when you're on the go. There is a set of physical buttons on the lower right side of the monitor for selecting menus and changing settings. I found the menu easy to use. I tried to control the monitor with my Samsung Galaxy s9+ but the monitor could not be turned on. I had to use a second cable as a power source. Touchscreen I already have a 14" monitor that's about the same as this monitor. But the 14" screen isn't touchable. When I saw that this monitor had a touchscreen, I was hooked. Like most people, I am accustomed to touchscreens as the primary controls on both my android phone, tablet and windows laptop.When using my laptop and an external monitor I was often frustrated that one of these displays was a touchscreen and the other was not.Some Notes on the touchscreen 1) I couldn't get the touchscreen feature to work when using my Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone The monitor displayed the phone's content correctly Just without the touchscreen This isn't too surprising as I don't believe android phones have this function, I believe screen mirroring is the only function of phones, this is not a fault of the monitor.2) Connecting a s PCs to this monitor will enable the touch screen function when connecting via USB-C on PC to USB-C on the monitor.3) Connecting a computer to this monitor with an HDMI cable will not turn on the touch screen function. This is due to HDMI limitations, not the monitor. 4) I have a Lenovo tablet with a USB-C port that doesn't communicate with the monitor at all. Maybe other tablets will work too. I have a cheap, lame, slow 8 inch tablet. In summary, a laptop works best with a USB-C to display connection, including touchscreen behavior. I put a design flaw behind the stand. The monitor itself is fine. I recommend this monitor.

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