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Review on Clockwise by Jerry Ford

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best meeting scheduler for teams and individuals

I like it because its very simple way of scheduling meetings, as well as keeping track with my colleagues schedules which makes life easier! Also having access from everywhere really helps me stay organized when out in public places so there aren't any issues regarding remembering who owes what or where they are going etc. The reminders feature could be more robust but overall clockwork work pretty great if used correctly (at least we have been!). Its not free though but worth considering depending upon size/requirements - no complaints at this stage however. Keeping everyone's events scheduled easily via web apps has made our lives lots better by being able to do things efficiently without wasting anyone else's valuable working hours. I like everything about this app, from it's ease of use (it works with my Google Calendar) all its features are very helpful! The only thing i dislike sometimes when using clockwize in conjunction with other apps or google hangouts/chat rooms would be if there was no audio feed available but thats not always possible so just keep working around it :) Great tool overall!! This helps me organize tasks better since they're already organized by date which makes them easier to find at any given moment.

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  • Very easy for users
  • Has calendar integration syncs up nicely between android & PC versions
  • Good user interface design is nice too.
  • Allows us managers / team leaders flexibility while granting employees control
  • Almost everything is ok