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Review on HashBit Blockchain by Bryan Elliot

My Review on another fast rising Crypto project.

Blockchains generally are decentralized system where transactions and data are encrypted. Blockchains are very powerful and essential technology, that's why many projects, companies are trying to incorporate the blockchain technology.

This review will be centered on another unique digital Blockchain that has been in the Crypto space for a year now. The Hashbit Blockchain.

Hashbit Blockchain is a fast rising blockchain technology, that was launched last year.

Hashbit is a globally approved blockchain that can serve several purposes. Apart from it's easy to use interface, it is a decentralized Asset Exchange platform that can enables it's users to trade and execute different transactions.

The platform is very reliable and transparent. The blockchain developers behind this project are very experienced. They came from different parts of the world. The platform hasn't suffered any attempt or attack by hackers ever since it was initiated. This has alone has proven that the blockchain is very reliable and every transaction carried out in the blockchain is recorded and encrypted.

Apart from the digital assets exchange that most blockchain are known for, the Hashbit Blockchain can be used for messaging. it has a messenger that indicates the purpose of every transaction. So any transaction on the Hashbit Blockchain always comes with a message attachment. This message are always useful to the sender and recipient.

Hashbit Blockchain is a safe Blockchain with secure applications. Transactions can be completed in this blockchain within a short time.

The development team of this blockchain are always working on a new strategy to further improve and further develop the blockchain to make it more faster, easier and more secure for every user.

Also, the blockchain has been made available in different versions, to make it easily accessible to every device and every user.

The blockchain also has the POS that is the proof of stake, but the distribution is mostly done via mining and it's only one miner per wallet.

There's alot attached to this blockchain. The blockchain is not owned and controlled by any central authority. This makes it a top decentralized blockchain.

Pros & cons

  • The blockchain is very reliable and transparent. Transactions carried out are carefully stored and encrypted.
  • Hashbit is a fast rising Crypto blockchain project.
  • It an an open source and decentralized blockchain. It is not controlled by a central authority or figure.
  • Very safe, easy and faster to operate.
  • Not yet.

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