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Review on DAO Labs by Nipek Celik

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Side hustle those who are looking for a job should take a look at my article!

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If, like me, you live in a country where inflation cannot be stopped, then you have no chance of making a living on a fixed salary. Prices are flying, but the arrangement regarding your salary depends on 6-month periods. I live in Turkey. Unemployment is quite a big problem. There are also a few places where you can apply for additional jobs.

A tweet caught my attention at such a desperate time. It was talking about the Twitter program within the framework of Social Mining at Dao Labs company.

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When I looked at the Dao Labs company's website, I saw that the Twitter program is much more.

I decided to review the company's website because I had nothing better to do then. Now I thank god for doing this. I knew most of the clients I saw on the first page. I even made a little investment in one of them.

Let me give you a brief explanation. Like many friends, I am interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The avalanche network and AVAX created by Professor Emin Gun Sirer and his team, who we are all proud of for what they have achieved in the field of blockchain in Turkey, are also one of the customers of Dao Labs. The AVAX community was developed with the understanding of Social Mining. This reference made me closely interested in Dao Labs. During my investigations, I discovered that Social Mining works do not consist only of the Twitter program. I learned that the company had undertaken an essential mission in the mass adoption of blockchain technology. To guarantee the project's sustainability with a loyal community rather than just the promotion or marketing of projects aimed at social mining.

How do you start working with Dao Labs?

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Dao Labs is continuing the promotion and community development activities of 5 companies and its own company, DAOVERSE. So I started working for Dao Labs by registering on the platforms of these five companies.

Registration is straightforward. It is necessary to pay attention to 2 critical places in the profile section. The first is to connect your Twitter account to the platform. This is necessary for the DAO software to evaluate your tweets. Secondly, connect your wallet to the platform by adding the public address of your Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet to the address section on the profile page. So you can claim your winnings.

After this process, make sure that the platform assigns you to the group where you will be the most efficient by giving the correct answers to the short survey that comes to you.

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Areas of work at Dao Labs:

There are several ways to earn income at Dao Labs company.

1- Twitter Program: Ensure that there are more than 50 followers on your Twitter account. You can tweet about current issues by following the official account on five platforms for avax, polygon, kava, wax and your project Daoverse. Particular hashtags and mentions are specified on each platform to count your tweets. You must include them in your tweets. Otherwise, the platform software will not be able to evaluate your tweets. Although there are some changes according to the projects, generally, payments are paid monthly or weekly from the marketplace as a token or stablecoin of the project.

2- Team Requests: They reward your successful promotions (article, video, infographic, meme-gif or special event) by suggesting particular tasks outside the Twitter program of these five projects. These awards not only score study points but also score your Reputation and influence impact.

3- Assigned tasks: Daolabs may request special tasks from you according to your abilities. You can earn tokens by taking tasks suitable for your skills, such as translating platform announcements into your local language or infographic designs for updating the site. For example, I have translated the DAOVERSE platform into our language. Thus, I made a significant amount of profit.

How much income can you earn at Dao Labs?

I want to show you the SS from the marketplace of 2 of the five platforms. It helps you get ideas.

Daoverse is the own project of Dao Labs company. LABOR, Daoverse's token, has not yet been released to the market, so it pays for your points with stablecoin. I claim my points on the Daoverse marketplace every week as BUSD.

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You can claim the points you have earned on the WAX Blockchain as WAXP. Payments are made monthly at WAX.

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If you follow the crypto market, you know prices are low. Here, your winnings are doubled because your winnings are calculated in dollars and claimed at the current price. I want to exemplify this with the AVAX token that I have known before.

Your purchases as tokens on the marketplace are paid by calculating the current price. So $100 AVAX means claiming 8-9 AVAX these days. However, if you know about AVAX, it quickly goes up to $120. So the reward for your work is $ 950 during the bull season. We call this situation double earnings in the bear season. You are investing without paying money, and you are buying very cheaply. The Daoverse project pays stablecoin directly. You can convert it to any token you want or spend it on your needs.

Except for earning tokens when you work with Dao Labs;

-You will get the chance to watch the projects closely. You will be involved in the project community. You get to know the Core team, learn to study the white paper, and read tokenomics. Perhaps you will discover your artistic abilities that you have not experienced before. All this earns you tokens while improving your perspective on the crypto market. Even in a bear market!

  • Especially for crypto-savvy social media users living in low-income countries, you will have a side income that you can get paid with your labour and definitely.
  • I think that the reward should be shared to more people in tasks other than the Twitter program. It's like Top 50. it is quite difficult to get into the top 10 :))