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Review on Royal Black Saucony Endorphin Speed by Vince Dickey

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Almost perfect in my rating.

So far this year I've run two marathons, two ultramarathons, another in 9 days and almost 1000 miles. I quickly change my shoes. Haven't worn this particular pair yet but this will be my second pair of Endorphin Speed 2. I love the "pop" of these sneakers! I've heard other runners talk about how springy and energy-returning their shoes are, but I never experienced that until I started running in Saucony's endorphin line. As I mentioned this is my second pair of Speed 2s, I also had three pairs of Endorphin Shift and two pairs of Endorphin Pro. All of them (except the Shift 2) were great shoes. Speeds are my favorite though. The energy return is excellent. In fact, I had a hard time slowing down in them at first because I wasn't used to shoes that help me move forward. They are very comfortable. I had no issues with fit, blistering, chafing or anything else. The laces stay tied, which I can't say about all other sneakers. The bodice is soft and slightly stretchy. I have no problem no matter how I put my feet. I usually hit with the midsole, but sometimes I hit with the heel too. The cushion in the sole is soft, plush, but after compression it returns, giving you an energy return. You look great too. They show no signs of wear after 200 km. The foam is obviously a little soggy and they have tread wear, but that's to be expected on a 200-mile run in any shoe. The Speed is a neutral shoe, which means it probably doesn't offer the overpronator support I need. why I bought insoles with some stability support. It worked for me, but my pronation isn't as pronounced as it was when I started my career about nine years ago. I've worked with another brand for years, starting with 20 to 27, but 27 seemed dead flat to me. The cushioning wasn't what was in what was said to be their softest, most stable shoe. I can't think of a better all-round shoe at the moment. For me, this is the perfect shoe for a marathon because the pros don't support me enough for this distance. Speed running shoes are great for everyday wear and tough miles. If you need more stability, you can probably still use them as "fast shoes" for half marathon races and less. I look forward to getting my new ones so I can get them working. That will split the responsibilities for my 70,000 in nine days.

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  •  I love the way it fits and most importantly how it pushes me forward and protects my hell.
  • They had to show a photo of the shoe showing that it was two-tone. In the picture it is white. upset