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Review on AMPLIFI by Rufat Ismayilov

High quality product seller - Amplifi

A healthy lifestyle, a guarantee of longevity. Amplifi is a Germany company and specialist in sports and travel products.
On the main page of the website, you can at first explore the Amplifi or directly check the list of products.
Each product has its own information and you have a chance to maximize the photo and check in details. Animation of images in a very high quality.
The company's products are represented by such categories of goods as : protection, backpacks, travel and accessories.
The prices are comparable. Amplifi accepts Pay Pal, Visa, Master, Klarna and so on.
Company also have a delivery service, but it belongs only to Europe countries.
You can stay tuned with its newsletters too.

Pros & cons

  • Animations of the images in a very high quality
  • The information of the goods is wide
  • Prices are comparable
  • Delivery only in Europe