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Review on Portable QQH External Computer Kickstand 15.6", 60Hz, High Dynamic Range, Z1-9 by Dave Adcox

Very useful monitor

I bought this monitor mainly to have a second travel display. The first thing you'll notice is that it's well packaged, the box includes the cables and power adapter you might need. I tested this on several computers. First I wanted to try the iPad 12.9 M1. It was plug and play. I used a USB-C to USB-C cable that came in the box. Since I have beta software for the iPad, I could mirror the iPad or extend the display. The display extension was better because I could use the full width of the display. The display looked washed out, but I went into the settings by pressing the scroll wheel on the side and setting it to Auto HDR. Much, much better! I also tried this with a 2016 MBP, again connecting to the USB-C port on the display via one of the Thunderbolt ports. One cable from the MBP powers the display, so you only need one cable when you're on the go. I started thinking about how I would use it between trips and reminded myself that I have a tiny NUC computer lying around that I don't use. However, I have chosen to display album art when using my Wiim Mini streamer. It worked great but I thought about making more of it. I decided to download some photos to my computer and then use them as a screensaver. The photos here look amazing! Then I downloaded the RemoteMouse app to control my PC without sitting next to it. I should note that this PC doesn't have USB-C, so I had to plug the display into a power source and use HDMI. The interesting thing is that if I connected it to an iPad or MBP, I could use them for power and switch from HDMI to USB-C and back! I didn't expect this display to have dual video inputs. However, I have a few minor complaints. First, the ports are on the right or top in portrait mode. I'd rather have connections on the back. The display looks unkempt in portrait mode with cables coming out the top. Second, the footrest is a bit difficult to pull out. However, it helps to fold it up so it's very convenient to put in my backpack. Overall, it's thin, easy to carry, and does everything I need and more!

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Pros & cons

  • electronics
  • Limited screen size options

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