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Review on πŸŒ€ Efficient Handheld Epoxy Mixer for Bubble-Free Resin Mixing - Perfect for Tumblers, Molds, Glazes, and Paint! (Includes 4 Paddle Attachments) by Derrick Bellando

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Finally a mixer that is not a re-branded milk frother. Holds up to thick resin.

Video shows mixing 40ml equal parts A:B resin. I apologize for the volume, it's raw footage as video editing software wants to import with no sound.So to start it is nice to finally see a mixer that actually mixes resin, and isn't just a rebranded cheap milk frother that is commonly listed as a 'resin mixer'. Unlike such this does indeed have the power to mix even my thick deep pour resin. It also trucks through pressing and rubbing it hard along the edges and bottom of silicone cups to give a nice solid mixing without taking forever doing it by hand, something my arthritic hands are enjoying.It's cordless and charges via a USB connection that didn't take too long to get to full charge. So far I've only charged it once and it's held for about three weeks of daily use. Granted that's about 2-5 minutes of use each day as well, it's for mixing resin but it's nice to see the battery holds even when not in use so it doesn't need a constant charge.I do wish the paddles came in more than one size to handle smaller amounts, as is I wouldn't use it for any less than 30ml. Also would be very nice if they had a silicone coating as that would allow clean-up to be easy as just letting the resin cure and then peel it off. But all the exposed parts are plastic so if you don't clean the resin off it will build up over time. As I am more focused on getting my projects done than worrying about what I used to mix the resin with, this may become an issue in the future. This is why I tend to use silicone-covered stir sticks and have an oversized silicone mat (seen in all photos) that covers my whole work area so I can set down resin-covered items where ever and not have to think about it.Now the big thing I see some people already taking points off for: Bubbles.Yes, this will cause bubbles to form in your resin, this is even seen in my video review. BUT: One thing I forgot to add in the video is most resins will 'de-gas' on their own, meaning bubbles don't take long to rise to the surface and poof. The resin I used in the video after letting it sit for a few minutes was almost bubble free. Really it added no more than what I would add mixing by hand.Plus most of us who are serious about the hobby have invested in a pressure pot. For those not aware, a pressure pot is a large metal pot designed to hold air, around 40psi worth, kind of like pumping up a bike tire. (opposite of a vacuum chamber that works by removing air) The air being pumped in and compressed causes bubbles in resin to shrink down to nothing, creating crystal clear items.For those who don't have such a pot, using resin that's self de-gasing will handle the bubbles fine on their own. You can also warm up the resin a bit to thin it to aid in bubbles rising. Passing a lighter over the surface or spritzing with alcohol can rid of any surface bubbles that linger.

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  • Didn't work. Charged and charged and doesn't work or even try to work