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Review on Portable Monitor USPARKLE Type C Speakers 17.3", 1920X1080P, 60Hz, Anti-Glare Coating, Blue Light Filter, Wall Mountable by Steve Starks

Not real HDR in my opinion

Alright, let's dive in here. This product felt like a 17 inch portable monitor to me. I felt it would go really well with my 17-inch Razer 2022 Edition Blade. I am happy to report that they are almost identical in size and have the same footprint in my backpack. This is a big plus and shows how well controlled the bezels are on this model. Build quality is very good, the display is pretty sturdy, and the connections aren't too sloppy. Everything you need to get started is included in the box, including a power adapter in case your laptop doesn't have enough power to run the monitor. The only real downside is the kickstand as is. It works well enough but tends to fall or break at times. I'm not sure what the solution is here, maybe something with magnets? The display itself is moderately bright, I'll attach a few sample images for comparison with a laptop. I would guess it would be in the 350 nit range but I don't have the equipment to test that. Of course, the screen is bright enough for indoor work, but outdoor work isn't on the menu. The display has a few modes, from low-power compatibility mode to high-power HDR mode. You can easily run max brightness through my laptop's USB-C ports. The panel really does appear to be IPS, too, as image shifting isn't bad, even at extreme angles. The HDR setting is not true HDR as Windows does not recognize the display as an HDR compatible display. The out-of-the-box image is a bit cool, but it can be adjusted a little with the user controls. But I wouldn't do color sensitive work on it. For a stroller, it is ideal for throwing lumetriscopes or signals. It's also a great reference book that I'm using in writing this review. So why take? Well I would consider it a budget option in 17 inch size. It is really very feature rich and works well. Personally I would go with a longer USB-C cable so you have more freedom of where you want to place it, but I have to say since I received the monitor it's been in my backpack every day and I love it. My only wish list item would be a higher resolution screen as 1080p can keep up with the size of my 4k laptops. If they ever make a 17 inch 4k screen I will be perfectly satisfied with this product. Only four stars.

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