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Review on Citicus ONE by Trevor Bannister

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Overall useful tool; room for improvement

It is easy to use and provides a good overview of your company's current risks. I wish there was more detail on some of the categories. For example, what are the main risks of our organisation? We have not been able to answer this question as it doesn't show a comprehensive list of all the risks we face. As well, at times it has been unclear when certain issues were being covered in an assessment. There are occasions where an issue may have been highlighted as 'high' but does not seem to be included in the Risk Dashboard. There are also occasions where an issue would be highlighted as high within one business area but lower in another. This makes it difficult to determine how significant it really is. We still need to spend a lot of time looking into each risk individually. It would be better if there were additional functionality so that you could identify risks with less effort or.

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  • The ability for users who do NOT hold CISSP certification (my case)to input assessments themselves without having someone else read them over first which takes up valuable resources/time from others already working hard enough! Also helpful features such "quick assessment" feature allows me quick access information about my organization instead spending hours trying figure out everything myself by using other software programs etc