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Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
Security, Risk Assessment

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Description of Compass IT GRC

Compass IT GRC is a software solution that helps organizations meet IT regulatory compliance requirements and mitigate IT security risks.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Easy setup and outstanding Customer Support through Phone / Email

I like how easy it was for us to have our accounting system integrated with their product, which allowed me (a non-accounting person) access without having any training or experience in Accounting systems! Their support team has been excellent so far as well - they are always quick at responding when we need help/support from them & very knowledgeable about what's going wrong wtihout needing someone else involved who might not know all of this information themselves either :) There isn't much…

  • They've come highly recommended through my work colleagues.
  • The program is extremely user friendly; no technical skill set required whatsoever just basic knowledge using computers..I'm sure anyone can get started within minutes even though learning curve may take longer than others depending upon background / personal experiences prior working wth tech stuff : ) ! Everything feels smooth running right away after installing software onto hard drive..very pleasant feeling knowing that technology doesn’t go missing anymore because everyone will benefit
  • Good but not great

I like how easy it was to set up our organization, and have all of my employees follow along with the training. The customer service and technical support are both very good as well. There weren't any problems or issues we had. It's been great so far! I would definitely recommend this product to other companies looking for a way to manage their GDPR compliance. We were able to use the product to train our IT staff on how to comply with GDPR. We found it easy to understand and implement. We've…

  • Very user friendly interfaceEasy setupVery organizedGreat layoutMakes you feel in control at every stepNo confusion when usingThis is what makes me love compassITGRCPromotes safe working environment
  • Everything worked smooth

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Compass IT GRC - Service availability and delivery

The ability to have access from anywhere at any time, we can even use our mobile devices for this service if required with no worries of being disconnected or not receiving updates timely as well! We are able solve issues relating business continuity in times when it does matter most - during an emergency situation such has been experienced recently due weather conditions which meant there was very little electricity available meaning connectivity could be affected causing problems accessing…

  • I like that they provide support 24/7 both local & international calls via email too so you don't need worry about missing important alerts / notifications sent out through emails alerting users whether locally here within UK but also internationally (ie USA) regarding matters requiring attention urgently including security concerns needing immediate action taken upon them immediately hence why fast response is critical especially today's world needs speedy solutions applied swiftly before serious consequences occur otherwise
  • Some problems