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Review on πŸ”Œ GE UltraPro Wireless Charging Surge Protector: Qi Pad, 2-Outlet Extender, 2 USB Ports, 560 Joules | White, UL Listed (43645) by Kirt Phillips

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good product but definitely not one size fits all

Other reviews that say this product is not easy to install permanently are true. The outlet I was planning to use this with is already a GFCI outlet so basically I wanted to use this to be able to pick my phone off the bathroom stand and be able to charge it which is a bonus. I didn't use a screw because it fits the GFCI buttons. There is also a piece of plastic that needs to fit in the bottom hole of the top outlet, which I cut off because that didn't fit either. In general, if you don't mind, holding the device with one hand and unplugging it with the other each time, then the lack of something to hold it really doesn't matter. It's secure enough by simply plugging in to hold the product itself and the weight of your phone.

  • Expand your outlets - add 2 USB ports and wireless charging to a standard outlet with GE's UltraPro surge protector with wireless charging.
  • Out of fashion