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Review on Onebit Ventures by Morenike Omomogbe

Onebit Ventures Platform Is An Economy Infrastructure For DeFi And NFT Using The Binance Smart Chain

Onebit Ventures is a member of the GOLDSIDE Capital Ltd and an economy infrastructure for DeFi and NFT using the Binance Smart Chain.
The good thing I came to discover about the Onebit Ventures platform is that, there are lots of interesting features it offers to crypto investors when they use the platform. Some of these benefits includes providing to users a quality community ecosystem with transparency and optimal operating model.
Another benefit is that it gives the users the possibility to issue new asset pools at a low rate and then create a highly liquid capital pools which can later be used for some expert investment purposes and other crypto projects as well.
Yes, there is also a trading fee discount that the platform also offers to its token holders and also provides them with participation allocation for its IDO, with lots of other membership rewards.
I like how the platform is designed, and there are lots of features to enjoy here as an investor.

Pros & cons

  • Offers benefits to crypto investors
  • Provides users with a quality ecosystem, transparency and optimal operational model
  • Offers the ability to issues new asset pools
  • Offers trading fees discount
  • Offers membership rewards
  • None