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DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

This is a list of all major DeFi of the crypto world. DeFi (decentralized finance) are DApps for finance industry (exchange, lending, borrowing, and saving). DeFi applications combine traditional finance with the power of software to enable vastly more programmable and powerful financial applications.
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0x logo
159 reviews
0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. In 0x protocol, orders are transported off-chain, massively reducing gas costs and eliminating blockchain bloat. See more
maker logo
134 reviews
Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain seeking to minimize the price volatility of its own stable token — the Dai — against the U.S. Dollar. See more
wrapped bitcoin logo
Wrapped Bitcoin
46 reviews
Wrapped Bitcoin delivers the power of Bitcoin with the flexibility of an ERC20 token. WBTC is the first ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. See more
nectar logo
40 reviews
Nectar is a token of the Ethfinex exchange platform used for governance and entitles the holders to claim a share of the fees collected on Ethfinex. See more
switcheo logo
39 reviews
Switcheo Network is the first non-custodial exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of Ethereum and NEO tokens. The goal is to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities across popular blockchains, with a focus on delivering a world-class trading experience in a trustless and decentralized environment. See more
dai logo
37 reviews
chainlink logo
35 reviews
Chainlink (LINK) is a decentralized oracle network which aims to connect smart contracts with data from the real world. Chainlink is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology-based smart contracts (made widespread by Ethereum), and real world applications. See more
ferrum network logo
Ferrum Network
32 reviews
Ferrum Network, designed by a distributed systems expert with over ten years experience at the world’s biggest tech companies, was built to address two fundamental problems impeding the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies: slow transaction speeds and the lack of interoperability between networks. Instead of building a standalone network, Ferrum… See more
loopring [neo] logo
Loopring [NEO]
32 reviews
Loopring is a blockchain agnostic protocol that enables people to trade tokens in a secure, anonymous, and trustless manner by using users? private-keys in order to authorize orders directly from their own wallets. Loopring?s robust and progressive design aims to solve more than just the inherent problems that centralized exchanges experience. It is… See more
bancor logo
31 reviews
Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that allows you to hold any Ethereum token and convert it to any other token in the network, with no counter party, at an automatically calculated price, using a simple web wallet. See more