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Loopring [NEO]

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About Loopring [NEO]

Loopring is a blockchain agnostic protocol that enables people to trade tokens in a secure, anonymous, and trustless manner by using users? private-keys in order to authorize orders directly from their own wallets. Loopring?s robust and progressive design aims to solve more than just the inherent problems that centralized exchanges experience. It is designed for the future ?cyber-economy? where economic activities and value transfers and exchanges not only happen between humans, but also between smart agents (robots) powered by artificial intelligence

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Loopring: Technical Blockchain of Protocols Designer for the Trading

Most projects depend on open-source protocols that give them a structure of a whole financial network for their services. This structure controls how services are provided as regards rates, outcomes…See more

loopring needs to improve on my own

LRC is Loopring's ETH-based cryptocurrency token, an open protocol designed for the creation of decentralized crypto exchanges. Loopring is a decentralized cryptocurrency protocol. Control of…See more

Loopring platform solve problems inherent in centralized exchange

Loopring is a child cryptoproject from Daniel Wang who already created a centralized exchange known as coin port bport but was met with disappointment due to the problems inherent in both…See more

Loopring, a decentralized exchange protocol

Loopring itself is not an exchange, but it is a platform that can help decentralized exchanges use their code. With the Loopring protocol, you don't need to depend on centralized exchanges to…See more


Loopring is practically a cryptographic pyramid where you make deliveries of some cryptocurrencies depending on what is required in order to multiply the profits quickly and easily Multiple aspects…See more

The Next Gen of Finance

When you trade on CEXes, you are giving up the ownership of your assets to intermediaries, facing with it multiple risks. The vision of Loopring is give to the Assets owners, the real or digital…See more

my little idea

very profitable system. blockchains are designed with precision. it is made possible to win for everyone. I used this crypto currency system. and I like it a lot. because it pays off. making money…See more

Loopring and Innovative Solutions

I will take care to convey the results I have obtained as a result of my research and what I understand about this subject without going into too much technical detail. Loopring is a kind of…See more


Everyday newly integrated blockchain project are been introduced with the sole aim of providing users with a more secure and advance security protocol in other to secure users asset from cryber theft…See more

The Loopring Network

Loopring is an ethereum decentralized exchange protocol that is created to allow users exchange assets across various exchange. Loopring will allow both centralised and decentralized exchanges to…See more

Loopring NEO: a tool to make exchanges without leaving the blockchain and without third-party intermediation

Loopring (NEO) is a digital asset that works on the NEO blockchain infrastructure to allow crypto-asset exchange, storage and trading transactions in a secure network without third-party…See more