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About Nectar

Nectar is a token of the Ethfinex exchange platform used for governance and entitles the holders to claim a share of the fees collected on Ethfinex.

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Governance Token.

The token has the utility within DeversiFi, to be an asset that allows governance, discounts on transactions to holders. However, this exchange does not have a large number of users and its token…See more


In my post today, I will talk about another coin, the Nectar coin. This token is not actually intended to raise money for Ethfinex. Instead, it was designated as a token of loyalty. Therefore…See more

I think the project will grow since it is community driven

The crypto project nectar was originally invented by ethfinex, a company based in London, Uk in 2017 but later evolved into what we now know as Deversifi in 2019, a decentralized exchange. Prior to…See more

Anonymity guaranteed shipping tool

Nectar NEC- As a result of my research, it is a DeFi-based token, it is also a token created for the Marketplace. Nectar NEC- It is a money transfer tool open to development. This tool seems a…See more

About Nectar

I'm going to talk about the Nectar token today. Nectar is a specific decentralized deflationary co-management and service token serving the DeversiFi exchange. Holders of this token are adopted by…See more


Nectar is a token mainly used for belonging to the decentralized market. It is available to be exchanged on few exchange platforms, this being one of its biggest defects in addition to having a low…See more

i liked

a reliable cryptocurrency. firewall looks like overprovisioning. I did not see anyone who had trouble. because they do their job well. it is certain that they are qualified in this field. customer…See more

Nectar (NEC): A project with good prospects but still has a long way to go in the cryptospace

Nectar (NEC) is an ERC20 native token of the DeversiFi (formerly Ethfinex) exchange where investors are able to make claims of the shares of fees that are charged on the exchange. This Token was…See more

NEC Token: Protecting The Nectar Project From Inflation Through Decentralized Governance And Technology

NECTAR (NEC)is an ERC 20 token for the DiversiFi (previously known as ethfinex) exchange which was launched in 2018. NEC token acts basically as the pillar for DiversiFi exchange with its…See more

My impression of the Nectar

It looks like an interesting project but the number of users is very small. Project owner does not give enough space to promotions. More promotions need to be distributed so that the currency can be…See more